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  1. Thanks everyone!! And oh my goodness those pictures are adorable!! She also has bad separation anxiety. She chewed up a second cushion today since the first day we got her a few months ago. But she only acts like that when she's either inside or outside by herself for a long period of time.. she doesn't do well alone.
  2. She actually does use her paws for everything which Im not used to seeing. She pushes her nose into me all the time when she wants loving, and yes she does usually end up half off her bed stretched out. Lol then if we don't take her for walks at the end of the day she runs like crazy in the back yard and jumps and just goes. It's like she can't stop but it only last like 10 minutes then shes back to wanting to be in her bed haha
  3. Hey guys! We recently got this sweet puppy a few months ago. She is super sweet. And since 10 weeks old all she does is cuddle and sleep. She gets burst of energy every now and then that doesn't last long. Lol She is quiet but whines a lot. Very sensitive but is incredibly attached. Can walk in my yard with no leash. Curious if she could be greyhound mixed somewhere.
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