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  1. Hi, so my lurcher is rather big (he’s part borzoi) so I decided to order some turkey necks online for him. The only thing I’m worried about is he is a gobbler (no pun intended lol). I stopped feeding him CET chews because he almost choked on one...even with me putting a clamp on the chew. I’ve been on the hunt to give him something to chew that also cleans his teeth. Hence the turkey necks. Should I hold it while he chews it? Is he supposed to eat the whole thing (should I take it away once it reaches a certain size)? He also has not the greatest teeth (front and center teeth are worn down) so I’m assuming I shouldn’t give it frozen? Does it replace a meal or is it a snack? Should I worry about the big D? Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!
  2. We’re not sure of his exact age since we got him from the humane society but we believe he is about 2 years old or so. Very much a puppy at times
  3. I agree with you completely, I never move. I “trust” his instincts and feel if I move out of the way last minute then he will definitely hit me...I stayed still today like I always do and he definitely ran into me 🙃. I guess I’m standing by the fence line from now on.
  4. Hi, so I haven’t found anything about greyhounds with poor coordination but our Enzo is not so graceful. We take him to a fenced baseball field on occasion to run off-leash and a handful of times he has ran into my boyfriend’s leg. Today he ran into my leg so hard that he knocked me over. He’s a BIG 85 lb greyhound/borzoi/little bit of Dutch Shepherd Lurcher. I’m not mad at him and I know he didn’t do it on purpose. He stopped and came over when he saw me on the ground like “mom what are you doing down there?” I took the day off work just because of this headache I have now but was just wondering if anyone else has a hound that is as uncoordinated as mine? 😭
  5. I switched back to pro plan and then introduced the olewo carrots...what a god send! His poops are like night and day now.
  6. Thanks for the info! He is a lurcher and was not a racer. We got him from the humane society.
  7. Yeah perhaps. I did change his food gradually over a week. He scarfs down his food so fast that I was hesitant to get the mini chunks because he probably wouldn’t even chew them. I just ordered the Olewa carrots! I will keep him on the bland diet for another day until his stools are consistent and then try and slowly reintroduce the iams. If it is a complete fail then I will just go back to pro plan with the olewa carrots (I’m thinking it will make the kibble more tempting!). I learned my lesson about buying the biggest size bag of dog food when trying a new food 😬
  8. I did a full fecal test when I got him and he was clear. The only issue with the pro plan was he wouldn’t eat it unless I put some yogurt on it. I really want the iams green bag to work because he ate it like it was going out of style.
  9. I’ve searched the forums and I’m at a loss for what to feed my lurcher. I had him on purina pro plan for sensitive skin and stomachs for the three months I’ve had him. 80% of his poops were solid. Every time he would have a normal poop on the beginning of a walk he would end the walk with a little squirt of diarrhea. One week ago I tried iams green bag after reading the praises about it on this forum. I bought the kind for large dogs since he is 30” tall and 85 lbs, and now he’s had constant diarrhea for a week with maybe one or two solid poops. Two days ago I started a bland chicken and rice diet until his poops get solid and then I don’t know if I should try the new iams or go back to the pro plan? He poops way less now but it is solid and slightly orange (I’ve read that’s normal if changing foods). Any recommendations for food that helps fight the big D would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi, so I’ve had Enzo about two months and have taken him to the dog park about once a week when it’s non peak times to run around and play. He usually likes to run in circles and let someone chase him. He has slowly started barking/snapping at other dogs during their chase. I’ve attributed this to seeing other dogs do it. Today he was running with a dog he’s played with a lot, Atka, and as they were running he turned around and put Atka’s whole neck in his mouth. Atka yelped and I got Enzo off of him. 10 minutes before this we were in the other fenced dog park and he jumped on Atka from behind and put his neck in his mouth. Enzo’s tail was wagging but it also wags when he plays with his rope toys. We are putting in an offer on an house with a yard today so thankfully that will be an option soon but until then I’m only taking him to the dog park if it’s completely empty. Enzo didn’t draw blood or anything but I’m worried because I’m not sure if this is play or if this his prey drive getting stronger. Any advice would be helpful.
  11. Hey, so I’ve posted about our one year old greyhound/Irish wolfhound mix Enzo we adopted three weeks ago. Enzo has been generally great and calm since we got him. He has been sweet to the dozens of dogs he has met on our walks/at the park and loves strangers. He even has been letting me brush his teeth with a finger brush and also clean/lift his paws whenever we come in from outside. He isn’t food aggressive, I have literally taken food out of his bowl as he has been eating, and wasn’t toy aggressive with 5 previous toys. We take his toys away from him after 20 minutes or so and put them away. We gave him a new toy yesterday that he was clearly in love with. This was a dog toy with a very high pitched squeaker that only dogs can hear, the first time he has ever had one. My boyfriend went to take it away and got bit on the forearm. He was off to the side of him when he grabbed it, not face to face. He drew blood and it was a small puncture wound. We’ve been doing training everyday since we got him (stay, lay down, wait, heel, etc) but haven’t worked on this because we thought there would be no need. I talked to a trainer in my area over the phone and she gave me some ways to work on this: desensitizing him around toys (having him on a leash and not lunging at toys as they’re thrown around the house/walking around them etc). She also recommended hand feeding and making him do commands to work for his food. We are also not using this toy again and I will only be allowing him to have chew toys while they are used for “drop it” work in training time. Otherwise he can use mental stimulation toys (ball with holes and treats fall out when he moves it). So we have a game plan but my boyfriend and I are just so disappointed and hurt. Any tips or advice is appreciated. Also it’s a small wound that is closed up but I’m worried about infection? Since he is our own dog and we have no children in the house can he go to urgent care/a Walgreens minute clinic and get treatment without us having to report the bite? thanks for reading this 🙏
  12. Hi all, so I adopted a one-year-old gorgeous/tall greyhound/Irish wolfhound cross named Enzo (see pic for adorableness) about three weeks ago. He is overall wonderful, especially on the leash, but just this week he started stopping on our regular walks. There is a spot on our normal walk routine where we go left for our normal walks and right to walk to the dog park. I have this week off of work so we’ve gone to the dog park a few times (usually we only go once or twice a week). Now when we arrive at that spot, he stops and wants us to go right. I don’t pull on his leash and generally wait it out/move his front feet for him/coax him with chicken and praise and eventually he turns left. He also did it yesterday AT the dog park when I put a leash on him to leave and then he did just outside of the dog park after we left. I’ve heard of greyhounds freezing out of fear or stress but he only does it when we are at this particular dog park intersection/at the dog park so I know it’s him wanting to go play (he loves other dogs and people). Does anyone have experience with this? If I stand my ground and stay calm will he eventually quit doing this?
  13. Yeah it’s safe to safe I have slight greyhound fever 😂. I’m debating flying to Dallas and then just renting a car and driving home and taking breaks when it’s not too hot out for the dog.
  14. I’m in Tempe. I’ve reached out to all the groups with available hounds. I’ve looked at all the CA groups and none adopt out of California.
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