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  1. Hey, so I’ve posted about our one year old greyhound/Irish wolfhound mix Enzo we adopted three weeks ago. Enzo has been generally great and calm since we got him. He has been sweet to the dozens of dogs he has met on our walks/at the park and loves strangers. He even has been letting me brush his teeth with a finger brush and also clean/lift his paws whenever we come in from outside. He isn’t food aggressive, I have literally taken food out of his bowl as he has been eating, and wasn’t toy aggressive with 5 previous toys. We take his toys away from him after 20 minutes or so and put them away. We gave him a new toy yesterday that he was clearly in love with. This was a dog toy with a very high pitched squeaker that only dogs can hear, the first time he has ever had one. My boyfriend went to take it away and got bit on the forearm. He was off to the side of him when he grabbed it, not face to face. He drew blood and it was a small puncture wound. We’ve been doing training everyday since we got him (stay, lay down, wait, heel, etc) but haven’t worked on this because we thought there would be no need. I talked to a trainer in my area over the phone and she gave me some ways to work on this: desensitizing him around toys (having him on a leash and not lunging at toys as they’re thrown around the house/walking around them etc). She also recommended hand feeding and making him do commands to work for his food. We are also not using this toy again and I will only be allowing him to have chew toys while they are used for “drop it” work in training time. Otherwise he can use mental stimulation toys (ball with holes and treats fall out when he moves it). So we have a game plan but my boyfriend and I are just so disappointed and hurt. Any tips or advice is appreciated. Also it’s a small wound that is closed up but I’m worried about infection? Since he is our own dog and we have no children in the house can he go to urgent care/a Walgreens minute clinic and get treatment without us having to report the bite? thanks for reading this 🙏
  2. Hi all, so I adopted a one-year-old gorgeous/tall greyhound/Irish wolfhound cross named Enzo (see pic for adorableness) about three weeks ago. He is overall wonderful, especially on the leash, but just this week he started stopping on our regular walks. There is a spot on our normal walk routine where we go left for our normal walks and right to walk to the dog park. I have this week off of work so we’ve gone to the dog park a few times (usually we only go once or twice a week). Now when we arrive at that spot, he stops and wants us to go right. I don’t pull on his leash and generally wait it out/move his front feet for him/coax him with chicken and praise and eventually he turns left. He also did it yesterday AT the dog park when I put a leash on him to leave and then he did just outside of the dog park after we left. I’ve heard of greyhounds freezing out of fear or stress but he only does it when we are at this particular dog park intersection/at the dog park so I know it’s him wanting to go play (he loves other dogs and people). Does anyone have experience with this? If I stand my ground and stay calm will he eventually quit doing this?
  3. Yeah it’s safe to safe I have slight greyhound fever 😂. I’m debating flying to Dallas and then just renting a car and driving home and taking breaks when it’s not too hot out for the dog.
  4. I’m in Tempe. I’ve reached out to all the groups with available hounds. I’ve looked at all the CA groups and none adopt out of California.
  5. SA greys said they only adopt to southern AZ and I am in Phoenix. Greyhounds of the verde valley hasn’t updated their facebook in 5 years and they currently have 2 “available dogs” which leads me to believe they just haven’t updated their site. AAGI (AZ adopt a greyhound) commented to someone else asking and said they have 35 dogs and over 100 applicants with a 6-8 month waitlist, more if you want it to be a solo dog.
  6. Hi, I’ve been doing my research and have decided now is the time for me to adopt a greyhound. I put in an application at my local greyhound group and the waitlist is 6-8 months. I noticed GALT does out of state adoptions and they are a 15 hour drive from me (I’m in Arizona). I have no animals right now so essentially I would drive to Dallas and back to pick up this hound. Is this worth it or would this stress out a greyhound too much? Should I just be patient and wait the 6-8 months for my local agency to get back to me? Does anyone have experience adopting from out of state? Thanks for your time!
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