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  1. Hi I need help! My greyhound belle is 8. She had some morning vomiting on empty stomach so I took her to the vet, they did an ultrasound, the barium test to see if she had an obstruction (she didnt) and bloodwork which dont show anything. I started feeding her right before bed and thought sverything was ok. About a month later she started vomiting between breakfast and lunch 2 days in a row and redness around both eyes like an allergy. Back to the vet and they said they cant find anything wrong. They gave her fluids put her on bland diet for a few days and said if she continues to go to a specialist Anyone ever have issues like this? We currently feed at 6, 2 and 10. She was on purina pro plan but the vet wants us to transition to digestive hills diet. No diarrhea no loss appetite poops are solid not mushy at all still wants to go on walks and play with her brother. Only difference is shes a clingy more, she will follow me room to room Thanks!! Dee
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