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  1. @greysmom Hello- I just read your post about Proheart shots. I'd not heard of this therapy for hookworms. We adopted our grey on March 15 and discovered the hookworm within 2 weeks. We've done Advantage-multi, panacur and Advantage multi again(after 2 weeks). We fear the parasites are in his organs and it will be a while before we get rid of them. How new is the protocol for the Proheart injection? Is it more effective bc the amount of medication is 3x the topical treatment? Is it still in a trial stage? Thanks in advance for your help! JFitz in Northern CO
  2. Hi All, We adopted Dax (20months old now) on March 15. All of his ribs were showing and both FORG and our Vet said he needed to gain weight. Within 2 weeks his GI issues started: diarrhea, vomiting(dark and mucousy), bloody stools, and the gurgling tummy. Our Vet suspected hookworm and sure enough it came back positive. We treated with Advantage multi-but they came back within 2 weeks. Treated with Panacur(5 days) and we had a negative fecal float the following week(Yay). But then the gurgling started again and he had a positive float within the following week. So we treated last Friday
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