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  1. Thanks @greysmom ! Nothing but great advise so far I can't expressive how comforting it is knowing this community is here to help with the acclimation process. Thank you for the help!
  2. Hi everybody! I begin to foster with intent to adopt my sweet girl Rhea just shy of a month ago. She was great with other dogs - not playful, but loved to meet new dogs on our walks. We live in a major city so we run into dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Rhea never reacted to other dogs' barking or aggression before and simply paid no mind to leash reactive dogs we encountered. I always keep a safe distance if I feel any other dogs may not be safe or may be too excitable. However - several days ago, Rhea greeted an Irish Wolfound in the entrance hall of our buil
  3. Thanks for all of the reassurance and feedback! Sure enough, she got over it after a day or so, and my boyfriend is no longer tossing balls around until she is confident in her new home. Regarding @greysmom comment on alone training - we have left her alone for up to an hour on a couple of occasions and she did great. I'm not sure how to find a way to leave her alone for longer periods as we live in a major city and the stay at home orders are taken seriously. Any suggestions? Would shutting her into the bedroom for increasing intervals during normal work hours help or hinder the process
  4. Hi everyone! Long time reader first time poster. My boyfriend and I adopted our first grey 3 weeks ago. She is a very sweet and polite velcro hound who loves her food! We had a bit of a spook last night and I want to get the community's advice on how to handle this and make sure she is comfortable in her new home. For reference, Rhea spends the day lying on the floor next to us as we work in the living room. She goes into her crate in our bedroom voluntarily at bedtime and the crate is always open. She has really started to open up and become more comfortable with us this past week - wagging h
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