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  1. We have had our lovely grey since December 2019. He settled fairly quickly on a night, sleeping in his crate downstairs. We went away in February 2020 with him and he was allowed to sleep in the same room as us. Since our return he has been crying on a morning, sometime as early as 02:30, but more often 04:30/05:30. I know the obvious solution is to let him sleep in our room again, BUT, our go to dog sitter if we are to go abroad later in the year will be my parents and they can't replicate that at their house (due to already having a dog and not enough floor space for 2 in their bedroom). So we had hoped to have a system of crated at night both at our house and theirs for some consistency. Can anyone advise how we can get him to sleep the full night again. We usually go to bed around 10pm and up around 7am. I know he can hold his bladder this long, as he used to before we went away. Thanks for reading this far!
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