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  1. Thanks for the well wishes. She has had a wonderful life and even when she was training to be a racer (never raced), she must have been treated very well given her personality. So, from this day on we'll treat her like everyday is her birthday.
  2. OP here. Well sadly, the vet just called and diagnosed lymphoma, so we'll have to deal with that. At age 14 we won't be doing anything heroic.
  3. Our pup has been healthy and showing no signs of illness, other than a little slowing down due to age. A few days ago we noticed that her lymph nodes in her throat were swollen. The other lymph nodes were normal. The vet took a sample from the nodes and sent it in for a cytology analysis. While we wait for that report, the vet said it may just be a tooth problem. Though I brush her teeth daily, the rearmost molars have some plague which the vet calls a Grade 2/4 and suggests the dog may just need a dental cleaning. I'm concerned that the risk of anesthesia at this point may be too great and am looking for advice as to the actual degree of risk and possible alternative approaches, like antibiotics. Thanks in advance.
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