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  1. We’re helping Indy cross the rainbow bridge today as she took a turn for the worse. Our hearts are absolutely broken. I didn’t think I would say those words for years. She’s been the absolute best dog and I’m having such a hard time. Please pray everything goes peaceful and smooth. Please pray our hearts are comforted.
  2. Thank yall @LBass @MaryJane. We had an accident free night. Still had to go out twice in the middle of the night, but huge progress in that area. One step forward, about 5 steps backs.. ugh. My poor Indy girl. Her CUPS disease showed up with a vengeance this morning. Her little muzzle is all swelled up and it looks like a bee bit her. We can touch it, and she doesn’t act like it’s painful. I know this is making her uncomfortable. I hope it doesn’t turn into a huge ulcer. Can she catch a break? It’s sooo incredibly hard to watch her struggle. As soon as she starts to get over one hurdle,
  3. Just in case anyone is curious. Today’s update: Got lab results in. Bactrim was not the right antibiotic to be on for the UTI. Back on a longer round of Baytril. So that’s good news in the sense that she’s still been needing to pee very frequently, crazy amount of thirst, etc... We were scared if it was the right antibiotic, that her other issues were causing this unfortunate bout of incontinence. Bad in the sense that we wasted 5 days on the wrong one. Vet is hoping to see improvements between Wednesday - Friday in those areas. He said very much of her lack of appetite could be due to nausea
  4. @MaryJane Okay that’s good to know. One week ago today. I am trying to stay positive and remind myself this takes time, but my heart is always feeling heavy regarding the “what ifs” and my mind just cannot quit running! Now that’s one thing I haven’t tried! I will pick some up tomorrow. I’m desperate and willing to try whatever! Besides having a toddler and Indy sick I’m used to some pretty raunchy smells haha!
  5. Just want to keep the updates coming... only woke up twice last night too pee. But then it would take an hour+ for her to get settled. Today her ears are moving around which makes her seem more alert. They were pinned back non stop unless she would see a bird or track a frisbee. Her eyes feel like they are starting to focus more. I explained them before as it looked like the lights were on, but nobody’s home. I feel like I’m seeing a very, very dim light come on. This morning she was going in circles. My husband thinks it’s the worst when she’s been laying down for awhile. Really scared me. S
  6. @tbhounds The neurologist told us we could do a CT scan and that would possibly give us more information about the seizures, but it was having to put her under anesthesia again and we just feel like we cannot risk that right now. The last two times after she went under anesthesia we’ve had, obviously, bad experiences. The board certified dental specialist that did her last visit was aware I was concerned about a brain tumor possibly causing her previous seizures and the sneezing. He did xrays of her head from the very front to very back. I know that wouldn’t pick up all the details that a CT s
  7. @LBass Thank you so much for the links! We have been in frequent communication with our vet and I definitely wouldn’t start/stop any medication or do anything drastic without the vet’s go ahead. There are things though like the ice cream , ice pack, dark room that I know won’t hurt. So ugh the stinkin’ tooth root! First vet was worried he left root tip behind cause she was acting in pain 2 weeks after her extractions. Second vet with X-ray said there was no tooth root, just another infected tooth so he removed it. Still acted like she was in pain.. then had her seizures. Got her to a specialis
  8. @MaryJaneAll great info. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. You truly don’t understand how much I appreciate it. I asked the ER vet after her 2nd seizure (2 within 24 hours) to give me something that would stop them if they turned into cluster seizures or lasted over 5 minutes. But they told me they did not want to do that because they thought so much of it was related to the tramadol or stress of her surgery. I need to ask my regular vet Monday to see if he would be willing to give me a script for a worse case scenario. I would like to just have something on hand. The closest E
  9. @macoduckI will mention that to my husband. He’s been with her 24/7 in our upstairs area because that is where she is most comfortable. Our almost 2 year old is so loud and noises are seeming like they stress her out. I have a video of the pre-ictal phase in the first seizure because I had no idea a seizure was about to start. I thought she was behaving crazy and I was trying to get my husband to see it. When she fell over and started foaming at the mouth, I realized what I was dealing with. We’ve been taking notes including the length. This last one on Sunday was a minute and a half including
  10. @MaryJane just saw your post about the UTI! Yes we had it sent overnight to a lab in Memphis. They will culture/do susceptibility testing to see what antibiotic will treat it. I wish that would have been done the first time. This whole thing is a huge learning experience.
  11. @MaryJane If I could, I’d give you a hug right now! My husband and I had felt like seizures could take a little time to recover from. But the vets have told us within minutes-6 hours, if it were just a seizure, she’d be recovered. So we have just been at a loss. It’s so comforting to hear your experience and it puts my mind at a little ease in these tough times! Thank you!
  12. Forgot to mention, I took a urine sample to our regular vet on Wednesday. There was bacteria. We started on Bactrim (used Baytril sp? last time when bacteria was found in urine). He was nervous about starting her on another medication, but we felt like we had to at least give something a shot because she couldn’t get any ease. Her whining and panting was nonstop for a few days. The labs we get back by Monday should tell us if Bactrim is the correct antibiotic to have her on.
  13. So I thought I would post an update. Our sweet girl quit eating again after the Rimadyl wore off and her eye started swelling again. We took her back to the vet who did her last dental. I also needed a recheck of her urine because she had finished her antibiotics for her UTI. He came out within minutes of seeing her and said her muscles were deteriorating in her head and to get her to the neurologist for a consult that day. He refused the re-check of her urine because that was not a big issue compared to the neurological problem. I was devastated. He, nor the 2 ER vets, nor our regular vet had
  14. @zimsmom Thank you! We’re so glad to have our happy girl acting like herself!
  15. @greysmom thank you so much! She had a really good day today. Back acting like her goofy, grinny, demanding (but grateful) self. @LBass Thank you! We sure hope so too.I told my husband I have a whole new heart that goes out to people & pets (and their owners) that suffer from seizures! When did your grey’s seizures start? Had he always had issues or did it come later in life? Thank you for all these tips. Although I hope we don’t have to use them, I am taking every bit of advice to heart! The first one was so frightening because I had NO idea what to do. I will most definitely re
  16. @greysmom Well actually ended out stopping the gabapentin.. back to Rimadyl which is the NSAID she was on originally and doing great on. The vet instructed us that if she has another seizure, get her back on gabapentin and come into see him so we can figure out a dosage that works for her. We were having to literally pick her up last night. She was so lethargic it’s like she couldn’t get herself up on her own and then she would barely shuffle her legs. She also wouldn’t eat anything either. I know time might have resolved that, but the gabapentin was to help with the pain of her denta
  17. @macoduck Thank you for that link. That is similar to what we have been reading, but more straightforward and concise. So far no more seizures since yesterday at 10am. But she is on the gabapentin. I’m not sure if that’s what’s helped stop the seizures, or if the tramadol is just out of her system. @greysmom Our vet that did the most recent dental extraction that we saw today (who prescribed her to tramadol) emphasized that greyhounds are a very sensitive breed so it definitely could have been the tramadol OR she has been susceptible to seizures and the stress of the two dental surgeries
  18. This is my first time posting on here but I am desperate to reach out to the greyhound community. My sweet Indy (she will be 7 in May) has had 2 seizures within 24 hours. One last night at 8pm and one this morning at 10am. Both times we took her to emergency vet. A little backstory.. she had a tooth pulled at the beginning of the month. Her eye was swollen and she was sneezing a ton. Tooth removed, started an nsaid afterwards & antibiotics were started the week prior to dental surgery. Right after she got off the nsaid the swelling started again. Turned out she had another bad tooth (first
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