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  1. We just brought home our first greyhound Saturday. She came straight from a track last weekend. We have a 6 y/o cat who’s been around dogs her whole life. We started as expected, the cat would hiss and growl and her fur would puff up but the hound was still curious. She never tried anything to the cat, just wanted to smell her. We’ve watched her to make sure she isn’t with the cat alone or if she roams the house, she has her muzzle on. We got to a point this morning where our cat would lay in the same place, hiss a little and the dog would just walk away... until tonight. She was in the living room while I was helping with dinner, then I heard some loud bangs and when I went into the guest room, the dog was chasing the cat. Neither of them cried, neither were hurt, but now the cat doesn’t want to come out from under the bed.. I’m not truly understanding how to introduce them so the dog doesn’t feel like she constantly wants to chase the cat.
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