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  1. Hi everyone - first time poster. We just adopted our 3.5 year old boy this past weekend, and are first time Greyhound owners. We have been going by the book from our agency re: heavy crating and slow adjustments, but I'm not positive about one thing: how do you introduce your greys to other dogs? So far, we just keep away and keep to ourselves on our walks, and it hasn't really even come about because it's been so rainy here that not many are out with their dogs. I'm sure that will change, though, so how do you intro your hound to other dogs? Our guy seems interested in small things (ears up, stares, but is easy to divert attention to a "watch me") and most of the time we can just keep walking. The agency said he had a high prey drive, but he hasn't really been showing much interest in things, but I know he is still adjusting so i'm just wary until I know more about him. Do you use the muzzle or no muzzle or how do you intro your dog to others? We are going to start going to a training class but I wanted your input. In all other aspects, our boy is adjusting really well. He has roached in his crate, enjoys his out of crate time pets, and is learning quickly about house rules and the retired life. I just want to set him up for success with other dogs/socialization since I'm new to the greyt life! Thank you!
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