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  1. Thanks macoduck and Time4ANap! Brisa was normal before this sudden onset of vomiting, now seven days ago. I am concerned that she may have eaten non-food items, however it has not been in her nature to try. She was referred to a specialty vet hospital two days ago where she now remains. She is now on an IV. I first suspected an obstruction, but that was nearly ruled out early by x-rays. However, a dilated esophagus was clear. The vet then suspected myasthenia gravis, considered the most common cause of canine megaesophagus. The vet immediately began treatment for myasthenia gravis, but Brisa did not respond as she should. So the vet then, reluctantly due to need for anesthesia, performed the endoscopy, thereby confirming no obstruction but finding a "bruised/reddish" appearance to the back of her stomach. The vet took a sample of her stomach for biopsy with earliest possible results tomorrow. At this time, cancer is not suspected. I may try to consult Dr. Cuoto.
  2. Our vet has nearly exhausted possible causes for our six year-old greyhound's vomiting. After extensive imaging which showed a dilated esophagus, he finally did an endoscopy of her upper GI and discovered inflammation (redness) in the back of her stomach. He has done a biopsy, but we do not expect results for a few days. This all began only 5 days ago and now vomits blood. Before this time she had not shown signs of any issues. Has anyone had a similar experience they can share? She may need to be euthanized if we cannot diagnose this problem soon.
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