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  1. Hi, We adopted our first greyhound a few weeks ago and he is the best. He is seven and has the most lovely nature. This website has been an invaluable resource as we figure out his wonderful quirks. He is pretty reluctant to walk and we have assumed some sort of anxiety but yesterday he completely refused to move and held his paw aloft. After a good look at his paws (after a complete panic that it was something sinister and we were going to lose our wonderful boy!) I think I have found a corn. We plan to have the vet take a look early next week but want to give him some relief this weekend. It’s completely hard and he hates having it touched or squeezed. I have filed it and he let me and it seems to have revealed the “corn” even more. What do you think? Does this look like a greyhound corn? I plan to try and get some Dr Scholls liquid later and I might try a padded sock until we can get him to the vet/get him a boot. Thanks in advance! This is a wonderful community!
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