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  1. I just wanted to add that some dogs who sense unease or fear in a person will act aggressive to that person. They seem to be alarmed by the fear they smell on the person and react as if the person is a threat. I had a husky that was a lover with everyone she met except a few particular people who were afraid of her. She would bark aggressively and corner them until I restrained her. It seemed like she was thinking they were up to no good. Both people were obviously not comfortable with dogs and my dog really scared them. She would also react to someone who moved in a weird, jerky way.
  2. I had a doberman that had this problem. She went on Proin and it helped a lot. Good luck!
  3. I had good luck with the Petsafe Easywalk harness. https://www.chewy.com/petsafe-easy-walk-dog-harness/dp/48923
  4. I had two dogs have seizures after getting Revolution. They aren't greyhounds though.
  5. My 13 year old pug was having a very similar thing happen. At the emergency vet, her xrays showed her stomach full of gas and distended. We went home and about a week later she was still having problems, off and on. Went to our regular vet and blood work pointed to diabetes. She is now on insulin and her digestive/gas problem is gone. She is now ravenously hungry all the time.
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