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  1. Thanks for all the tips guys. They are all really helpful - I have been doing some research and I think the best way, as mentioned above, is to just train like a puppy. I don't think we have been praising him enough when he does pee outside because we just assumed he was house trained after no accidents in week one so we've started with lots treats and praise today! In response to some of the questions - Yes he pee's and sprays a lot on walks. We have been taking him out 2x daily, first thing in the morning and usually at around 7pm at night for approx 30 mins each time. I am unsure about the UTI, I have an appointment with the vet soon for his first check up so I will mention it then if things don't improve. & He sleeps downstairs at the minute, me and my partner had discussed maybe bringing him up in the night if things don't improve so that's definitely an option- The idea of a belly band sounds really good though, I will look into this too. Thanks again everyone
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum but hoping for some advice. We recently adopted a 3 year old greyhound (2 weeks ago). The rescue centre didn't know much of his background apart from that he did not seem to be a racing greyhound and that they was possibly a stray before. He had only been in the kennels for 1 month before we took him home. He seemed to settle in right away and the first week he was good as gold and didn't have one single accident, however this week things seem to have changed. He has pee'd twice in a row during the night/in the morning (we have even tried setting our alarm earlier in the morning to let him out and he has still pee'd so he must be doing it in the middle of the night) So then we tried taking his water away 1 hour before bed, which worked as he didnt pee in the night but then the day after he was left for 4 hours and he has pee'd TWICE! He does not have any accidents while we are in, and sometimes we actually have to force him outside to pee because he is just so lazy lying on the sofa he does not want to move he can lay there for hours . & As I say, for the first week he did not pee at all while we were out so he can definitely hold it in. I thought it could be separation anxiety but we have only had him for 2 weeks of which we left him for the exact same time each week so its not as if we have been in constantly apart from weekends. Also, we have a doggy cam and when we check it during the day he is just sleeping, he does not seem to be anxious/waiting for us. Could it just be the dog adjusting after being in kennels? Is there anything we can do to help prevent this? How do you go about teaching him it is wrong as we are not in when he is doing this? Thanks in Advance ps. This is our first rescue dog, I have always had dogs from puppies (and never a grey) so I have no idea how to go about house training an older dog, Any tips will help so much!
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