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  1. Once we started the steroids, Luke finally stopped having blood in his poop. His poop is still very loose but its the best it has been in all week. Tomorrow I'll be calling the vet again to see how we want to move forward. Right now I'm just happy we're finally seeing a improvement!
  2. Just a quick update: I brought Luke back to the vet today. He's lost 8 pounds in the last 9 days, the vet drew a blood sample and we should have the results by Saturday, She's thinking it's might be Addison's , the blood test should help us figure out what we're dealing with. on that note the prescribed him steroids see if that helps him improve. I asked about Luke's initial Hookworm test last month and she said he had a very small amount of hookworms at that time. Thank you all for help, its been great to be able to talk to other greyhound ownersto help luke get better.
  3. Thank you for all of the feedback, I've been worried sick about this guy. I've been giving him 500 mg Metronidazole every 12 hours, the vet gave me it when first time i brought him in and i was given more when he relapsed. I'll show that article to my vet, we've been following a similar plan alternating interceptor plus and another dewormer every two weeks( its supposed to be pyrantel but every time we've been about to start he's relasped and has gotten Panacure instead) I've only had him two months so we've only just started with this process.
  4. Hello all, At the beginning of march I had to take Luke to the ER for pooping watery blood (no stool just blood). Because he tested positive for hookworms he was given a dewormer and was put on a bland diet with an anti-inflammatory meds. However, he has relapsed since then. It started with just watery stools with a couple of streaks of blood, and on Sunday morning he pooped watery blood again. I took him to the vet and they gave me an anti-diarrhetic and put him on a bland diet again. He tested negative for hookworms but they also gave me more dewormer to be safe. As of this morning (Tuesday) he still has bloody poops (raspberry jam). The vet told me to let her know if it keeps up until Thursday and to make sure he is still taking his anti-inflammatory meds. His diet since then has been chicken and rice twice a day, with a packet of fortiflora at dinner. This is my first dog/Greyhound. Am i freaking out too much or is there something I'm missing to help him? Thanks.
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