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  1. Hi all my partner and I have recently moved country, and Squeak our grey is staying at my parents house until we get settled and will bring him over in a couple months. my sister has recently been staying with my parents with her 9 month spoodle. The spoodle has often been up in Squeaks face trying to play, but Squeak is really tolerant and for most of the time there is no problem. lately though, at nights while the puppy has been playing tug of war and growling with my sister, something has been triggering Squeak and he will get up from across the room and growl at the puppy. The aggression level has increased to now nipping and snapping at him. We are trying to watch the dogs and keep things quiet and will start separating them in the evenings as I would hate for something to seriously happen. There is always other rooms that squeak has access to and could go to if he wants quiet, but he doesn’t choose to leave. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to deal with this and why this might be happening? Is this a sign of anxiety/fear? During the day there is never any problems. on a side note, has any one had any experience with flying greyhounds, and have they coped ok? thanks all!
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