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  1. I've grown up with dogs. Never a grey, but I've had dogs my entire life up until I moved into my own place so needless to say it feels rather empty without them! I'm still in the very early stages so I'm not jumping at them the first chance I get for sure. It's definitely something I'm going to try and discuss with as many people as possible before diving in headfirst.
  2. Nope. Just me and the fish. No small animals and no kids with no desire to change that any time soon so nothing that would really throw them off their game outside of the usual new home issues.
  3. Any recommendations on the best way to ease them into home life together? Or anything I should expect that might be different than the normal one dog situation? Most everything I've read is adding a second grey to the mix after one is already in the home.
  4. For the last few years I've done a good deal of research on adopting a retired greyhound. While I'm not currently ready, there's a sibling pair that is available when I was looking and I fell in love. I've read that greyhounds do well in pairs. Should I consider adopting a pair together or would getting one and adding another be better to start? Financially, two wouldn't be an issue, but I do work full time so I was thinking that a pair would be able to keep eachother entertained.
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