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  1. Obvious disclaimer: working from home has likely resulted in changed behaviour/I notice things more. I've had a Grey for about 9 months now. She just turned nine and is very, very well-behaved. Only has messed in the house a few times, and seemingly always as a result of a disagreeable treat or something similar. She has not gotten into anything she shouldn't, and she has not destroyed anything at all. I work from home much of the day, but even when I am home after work or on the weekend, my Grey just sits and stares either at me or off into space the majority of the time. She has n
  2. Hi guys, newbie here. I adopted just three days ago, and finding help with this issue has been darn near impossible online. I don't think the verbal advice has been the greatest from the adoption agency or fosters either, so here's what's going on: I have an 8-year-old former racer. I rent a basement right now, and use the walkout slider to go in and out with her. Backyard is fully-privacy fenced. She definitely knows where the gate is. The problem is that when we are done with our walk she just freezes in the driveway and wont return to the back yard. A couple times I've gotten he
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