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  1. That’s good to know - thank you! Are your greyhounds chewers also?
  2. I feel like he may feel restricted and that would make his stress worse. I get that greys are used to being muzzled, but the behavioural therapist has also said probably a bad idea.
  3. We’ve had our lovely Fred now for nearly 5 months. He’s a rescue ex racer and he’s adjusted super well to his new surroundings. When first being left on his own, we watched him on the camera and he would pace and look for us. We did notice he’d scratched the door a tad but he soon grew out of that. Often we will look on the camera and he’s snoozing away. At the longest, he’s probably left for 4 hours - and that’s when me and my partner are both out at work. I’m a freelancer, so I am lucky to work from home, or only be gone for around 4 hours. During the work day, he is given plenty o
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