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  1. Meet with the Vet. No signs of anything in the abdomen or lungs. Only possible bronchitis from the cold. Waiting for a final report from the radiologist but looks good. Upping her food for a few weeks to see if weight increases. If not, next step will be ultrasounds of varies organs. All blood work good. Thanks for reading.
  2. Thank you for your response LaFlaca. I am sorry to hear about Lola. I too have lost 2 grey's in ways that were not expected and come upon illnesses suddenly.
  3. Good day all, TL;DR at bottom. Dropped off our 6 year male this morning after having an exam for what we think was/is a cold. He had been in boarding for 5 nights/6 days a week ago. After a day of being home, we heard a hoarseness in his bark. It wasn't a honking sound or anything that resembled Kennel cough. Appetite, drinking, pees and poops all normal. It has been improving but wanted to take him in anyways for a check of the lungs, mouth, etc... Vet says lungs and heart sound clear, mouth has no mucus, most likely a cold/viral infection and he is getting over it. However, we noticed during the weigh in he has lost almost 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks. (3 weeks ago, he had a reaction to the rabies and bortadella shot we believe and was throwing up. Cleared up in 24 hours.) The vet is a little concerned but might be from a lack of eating at the boarding facility. He and his "sister greyhound" did come back with about 20% of the food that was to be eaten. However, we were not told that he didn't eat or left food behind in his bowl. Vet recommended to make sure he is getting the right measurement of food (he is) and watch. We decided to do the next step which was xrays. So, we have decided to get a couple X-rays done in the afternoon to see if anything is there in the abdomen or gut area. Vet receptionist has called and wanted to see if we were available this afternoon to go over the xrays. She didn't have any more than that to say. I guess my question for anybody is has anybody experience weight loss from a boarding time and if so how much would be responsible? How long would it take to put that back on if it isn't anything else? (fingers crossed it's nothing) Thanks for taking the time to read. TR;DR: Dog was in kennel for 5 nights. Went to vet for cold symptoms. Seems OK and is improving. At vet weigh-in, lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. Any past experience in weight loss from boarding?
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