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  1. Thanks. Our vet has long experience with greys and has seen this one and her predecessor for almost 15 years. She has had at least 2 dentals before and did fine. She is now back on regular kibble/yogurt/olewo carrot mixture. We did use Fortiflora after she came home from hospital. She usually has a strong stomach, in comparison to our previous grey who had a very sensitive tummy. So this was a shock, not to mention extremely expensive. I will go back to brushing but was nervous after the extractions.
  2. Our 6 yo grey had a dental 3 weeks ago and had to have some teeth extracted. She was fine that day and the next but 2 days later began to vomit and have terrible diarrhea and ultimately we had to hospitalize her for severe dehydration. She lost 9 lbs! She did recover and seems to be fine now, but I wonder about any future dental and what could have caused this bad reaction. We gave her some cooked ground beef and rice after and I wonder if that might have caused the GI problems. We switched to canned chicken and she is now mostly back on kibble with yogurt. Also, what about trying to brush her
  3. Update: Maggie wore her sweater to bed and we had both beds available for her. A quiet night!
  4. Thanks for suggestions. She is somewhat un-grey dog in that she is quite extroverted and active, unlike our first grey who was more typically chill. Her scratching is VERY loud with the canvas. I think we’ll move her softer (but durable) downstairs bed and see if that works, and have her wear her sweater.
  5. We have had our grey for 4 1/2 years and things are good, except for her very recent habit of waking up at night and scratching/digging her bed. She destroyed a bed by digging into the soft cover and shredding it so we got a new one with a canvas cover. She sleeps on this bed in our bedroom and now wakes us up 3-4 times during the night trying to either nest or dig the bed. I have read that dogs do this to establish a nest or territory, but this is a new behavior. Short of having her sleep downstairs, where she might bark at night for us to let her out — a behavior we had to stop by keeping h
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