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  1. Do your staghounds shed more than greyhounds? Tesla sheds like nothing I've ever seen!
  2. Have you been watching the response to your pic on Greytalk? It's been really fun. I love all the pics and stories! Thank you for sharing your picture!
  3. So I followed that link and guess what? I have been to that site and its fascinating! Thank you again for your help!
  4. It was fun to read your post. It's funny that you said your pups are fuzzy. ( I cant see the pic and dont know if its bc I'm using my phone...) but our girl ,Tesla is softer than any other dog we've had. In the past couple of weeks she has started shedding like nothing we've ever seen before. The term "blowing her coat" suddenly has new meaning! If she lived where her rescuer suspects she was outdoors all the time with only tent like shelter. It gets bitterly cold here so we're hoping that this industrial shedding is the result of moving indoors and that she doesnt get as heavy a coat next win
  5. I'll look that up for sure! Thanks! I've been in contact, too, with a rescue group in Lubbock that sees a lot of Lurchers and they DNA test their dogs. I'll look I to that, too. Maybe it could be an early birthday present. 😁 Thank you so much! pat
  6. Ha! I noticed that I typed that her legs are "stickier", I meant "stockier." Our vet thinks shes 4-5 years old. She was so quiet when we got her but, of.course, was skin and bones- literally. As she has gotten healthier shes gotten rowdier which is good and a challenge at the same time. I wondered how track dogs would hunt since they are sprinters and coyotes can run all day. I suppose they may run them down quickly? I watched part if one video and it was so gruesome I couldn't finish it. It's a wonder that she is so sweet and gentle except for playing. That's interesting about their ears. W
  7. We've had 3 greys...the first one never cared for toys but did play with our little dog for awhile, then stopped. She was a primadona (sp?) in every way. Our next grey was a bigger, much more confident girl who didnt care much for toys but LOVED to run and chase and play with other dogs. Our 3rs is still relatively new. Has tor. the stuffin's out of toys and completely intimidated our 2 smaller dogs with her rough play. Our experience has been that their personalities all tooke time to shine.
  8. We have previously been owned by 2 greyhounds so when a rescue group asked for someone to foster a greyhound we volunteered. (Up front I will say we were "foster-failures". Tesla now wears a tag with our phone number & address. ) We didnt know her history at that time but found out that the folks who finally caught her - after seeing her and another grey running loose in a field for about 3 weeks - think she came from a person who uses greyhounds to hunt coyotes. Judging from the number of scars on her it would fit. She was almost starved, just skin and bones, fleas and worms. Between the
  9. She is beautiful! What a gift to have her this long!
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