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  1. Thank you so much for your comments on this issue. It´s really comforting to hear that there is a possibility that it will heal with a lot of patient and time. We have to focus on nosework and sleeping for a few months then
  2. An update; According to the orthopedian consulted this kind of injury is treated whit rest and NSAID. If the tendons would have been cut off surgery should be the choise of treatment, but in this case the dog has run on hard, rough, icy surface and the tendons have been badly streched/ torn and surgery isn´t usally successfull. The dog will not have any career in any running- or agilitycompetitions, but there are good possibilities that she will recover and can live a normal doglife. I really hope that this will be the case for her. At the moment (a week after injury) she is limbing less but
  3. My dog came back lame on a front foot after a run on icy rough surface. Just small scratches, but the foot is all flat and the dog has a severe lameness. X-ray didn´t show any fractures, the quite unexperienced vet said that there is a tendon ruptur at at least 3 toes and that this requires surgery. She´s geting back to me after consulting an ortopedic. But is surgery going to fix this? How easily will it retear? And what if we don´t do the surgery- will it heal? Please tell your story.
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