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  1. Dino had the same exact problem when he came to us. In addition to putting him on better food and giving fish oil and regular grooming (which you're already doing) we also rubbed some food-grade coconut oil onto the worst spots. He had a lot of flaking under his arms, for example, and around his rump. If you can identify specific areas of her skin that are the flakiest, it might help alleviate the symptoms a bit applied topically. I just put a dime sized amount in my palm to warm it up and then rub it into the skin of the worst areas. You can get a can of it at most grocery stores. We got the stuff for cooking just in case he licked himself.
  2. Dear all, I've been a lurker (lurcher?) here for quite some time and have been meaning to finally introduce myself. I adopted a newly six year old Canidrome survivor a few months ago - he's been the perfect dog really. Meet Dino! https://ibb.co/mHF8GLv - Caro
  3. Apartment building concierge. Dino makes sure that we always check in with him before entering or leaving. He's ready at the door to take ID. The only thing is that this particular concierge also insists that he be taken too....someone in HR should maybe check in with him on that...
  4. Congrats on these beautiful noodles! I'm also making the transition to working out of the house (I worked from home for the first few weeks so we could do alone training gradually). It's pretty stressful (for me) but Dino just whines a little after I leave and then goes back to torturing his squeaky toys, so I think it's going pretty well. Use of Kongs and leaving music on seem to help. It's good that they have each other. I've found that modeling calmness can be a great help with showing a dog there's nothing to be anxious about, so having another dog there to do that seems like a great bonus to having two!
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