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  1. We ended up reaching out to the owner of a place we rented via AirBnB a couple of times before, and they'll allow dogs with an additional cleaning fee! We bought some "snow fencing" (dark green so it's pretty inconspicuous) and stakes to fence off a portion of the outdoor area for Sally and we're really looking forward to it.
  2. A quick Sally update to this old thread...she is negative for hookworms! I know one test might not be conclusive but we are happy about it and will ask the vet to have her tested again soon. I honestly don't remember the specific treatment plan we did at this point, but we did a combo of Drontal and Coraxis to get rid of them. I'm now seeing from some websites that Coraxis might be discontinued?? I hope not, because it was the only thing we could combine with a flea and tick medicine without doubling up on some things. Anyway, here is Sally enjoying her hookworm-free life.
  3. Welp, these file size restrictions really are something, so you can just check out her Instagram for more pics 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  4. Aw thanks! We think so too. Thanks for the tip! We'll check it out. We've looked there a bit. Not much luck quite yet but are still looking... We were trying to plan something for later in the summer/early fall but we'll see. I've attached a couple more pics of Sally :). We also have an Instagram for her, @sallythegreyt.
  5. Hi everyone! I haven't posted much at all here other than about hookworms...but I consistently enjoy reading the forums and have found so much great info here. We're trying to plan a trip for later in the summer/early fall in New England (we live in southeastern Massachusetts), and are looking for a small house or cottage that is pet-friendly, and most importantly, has a fenced-in yard! This is remarkably difficult to find on VRBO, AirBnB, or any other property rental sites. Does anyone have any tips on where to look or search terms to use, or specific good places you've stayed with your pup somewhere in New England? We'd ideally like a large fenced in area (we already have a small fenced in area at home) and some proximity to the water (ideally ocean, but lakes are OK too). Since I have barely posted here, also attaching a photo of Sally from when she swam in a lake last summer 🙂. We adopted her about a year and three months ago and she's six years old and we love her.
  6. Oh and I should mention, Sally raced in Florida. Thought it might be relevant since I noticed Florida was mentioned a couple times in this thread ...
  7. Wanted to share our experience so far. We adopted in April 2019 and gave our girl (Sally) Drontal and Advantage Multi monthly, on a schedule staggered weekly (started with Advantage Multi, started Drontal 3 weeks later, another dose of Advantage Multi 1 week later, another Drontal 3 weeks later) for about 3 months. Her poops have always been on the verge of pudding, but were holding shape pretty well by the end of this course of treatment. She started having a really loud gurgly stomach with no appetite in the morning and some diarrhea a couple of weeks ago and we finally brought her (and a sample) to the vet this week and she came back positive for hookworms. All the vet has prescribed is Panacur for three days, and then repeat for three more days in a couple of weeks. After reading this thread I'm a bit worried that this isn't going to be enough, especially given the course of treatment with Drontal and Advantage Multi that clearly didn't get rid of them (it's unlikely this is an environmental thing: she doesn't poop in our yard and is rarely around other dogs for much time unsupervised). I'm also a little concerned because when I asked the vet if she should be on Advantage Multi in addition to the Panacur, the vet told me that Advantage Multi was only for fleas and ticks... So we're going to reach out to our adoption group for advice and may be looking for another vet who is more versed with greyhounds too. In the meantime, I'm planning on getting a bunch of doses of Advantage Multi to start her on that again. And once we're through the Panacur and get her re-tested, if she's still positive I may get some Drontal as well and try the Prison Greyhounds program, or something similar. Latest link to it is here: https://prisongreyhounds.org/Hookworm%207-2018.pdf Edit: Thought I should share a photo too since this is my first post :).
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