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  1. Rickiesmom, thank you. On our last Vet appointment where she extended the current treatment. Our Vet did say that if it wasn't cleared up by our recheck, which is this Wednesday. She will do a skin biopsy. She thought the meds and treatments he is on were helping, although slow. She explained the skin biopsy and that will require sedation, but it is booked for time this Wednesday if needed. And if we do need that she will also arrange a Dermatology. She just hadn't done either of these things yet as she thought his skin is progressing on the current meds. She was really good with expla
  2. Anyone have tips on Pyoderma. 8 year old Grey after lengthy antibiotic tx for Gastroenteritis, then developed a hot spot on spine. Thought to be due to long antibiotic tx. Ended up with full Pyoderma. Is on Cephalexin, Apoquel and getting ProSeb medicated shampoo twice a week along with Duoxo Chlorhexidine Spray in between baths. Have been keeping new blankets to cover his beds changed daily and washed in hypoallergenic laundry. Now getting pre/probiotic supplement, Grizzly Salmon Oil and Metamucil (looser poops with antibiotics) Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and any oth
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