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  1. I would like to thank you all for your help with my Blue I have decided that I am probably putting pressure on myself and need to chill out a bit , all your advice is good and as he is a happy boy I will let him carry on and not force him but I must admit I like taking him out to show off as people always stops and remark on him just a proud mum I guess, again thanks to you all x
  2. Thank you Docs & Fuzzy for your advice I take Blue out at 6am and he will go out in the yard a couple of times during the day I would like to take him around lunchtime but he won't have it nor at teatime . We struggled to get him in the car for a long time but he is good at it now and we take him round the local woods and occasionally to a fenced in field when we let him off lead muzzled of course. Before we got him i always said when we got a dog it would be a greyhound as they are so layed back I didn't realise just how much , he does have a greyhound buddy that we occasionally go out wi
  3. Thank you run dog for your help we only have one door so no other option and he is not interested by treats I think I could put a cooked chicken by the door and he wouldn't shift he has many strange ways I was told when we adopted him to feed him at breakfast and before 4pm but since we got him he doesn't really eat until late at night ,the only other bit of getting out of the door is when I take him out in the yard at 10.30pm for his last wee then he almost knocks me off my feet to get out. We live in a seaside town and it has taken him a long time to get used to the traffic and he still hate
  4. Hi can any one help me please I have a beautiful boy whose name is Blue we have had him just over 18 months the trouble is he won't get up for a walk . When I take him first thing in the morning he is waiting at the bottom of the stairs and can barely wait to get out , any walk after that he does not want to go I can call, beg I even go out the door myself and leave him but he will come to the door when I open it he runs back to his bed until , I have tried to put his collar on when he lays there but he growled at me so won't try that again it used to be if my husband told him to get up he wou
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