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  1. Original vet wanted to refer for MRI but the owner is a pensioner and can not afford such. Her own vet seen the following day ruled out x-rays because if the rate that mobility was returning. Wren is functioning ok but still a little wobbly. Typical whippet, can’t keep them still. All the club members present at the time have covered all the vet bills so far
  2. Wren is 7 yr old racing whippet and was late to the finish. In being so she crashed into her bigger sister and appeared to ‘knock herself out’. There was some movement though but at one point she was given mouth to mouth and CPR. Lucky that I recently did a course! after she seemed to be coming round it was obvious she had zero control over her limbs and couldn’t weight bare. Was rushed to the nearest open vets as it was a Sunday. They gave fluids and pain killers and before releasing her gave anti inflammatory. Following day was taken to her own vet for follow up and prognosis to be told she had spinal shock. It’s now 4 days after the event and she an stand, feed and toilet without aid but is still very wobbly. Reading online it can take several weeks to recover fully. Her racing was due to end next year as whippets retire at 8. She now will spend her days living the life of luxury that she always has done but no more racing. Whippet Racing is done in fields on straight grass tracks over 150-180yards.
  3. Hi. Anyone have any experience or knowledge of Spinal Shock please?
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