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  1. Thank you very much for your advice. I have never heard of spook harnesses as our old boys were so laud back nothing fazed them. I've looked them up and as far as I can see there are 2 types - one with two bands and one with three and a grab handle. I assume the three bands plus grab handle will be the best for me (being little and of a certain age) but was wondering what you thought. When she is stressed food is a definite no no so I don't think that will work at the moment. I do talk to her all the time but without having much effect at present. Maybe in the future. I hadn't really thought about her not experiencing the outside world very much. She was fostered by a family for a few months but they returned her to the charity saying that they couldn't cope with her wanting to be up all night. I assumed, obviously wrongly, that she would be fairly acclimatised to things outside. She does go to bed at a reasonable hour now and will sleep through so progress is being made there. We are giving her a specially prepared flower remedy. It's got about half a dozen different 'flavours' in it including the rescue remedy and I have quite high hopes of it making a difference. Thank you again. I feel that we are doing some things right and you have boosted my confidence in this respect. Riggles
  2. We have been fostering a lovely greyt girl for the past 3 months but how do I get her to stop being terrified when I try to take her for a walk. She shakes when the harness goes on and when she has been (literally) dragged out if a door bangs or someone approaches she jumps about two feet in the air twisting as she goes. I find it very difficult to hold her as if I don't hold on to the harness she manages to slip it and if I do hang on to it my wrist gets twisted. We have had many dogs over the years but I have never had one that has been so obviously mistreated. She is slowly gaining confidence in the house and will now wag her tail a little bit. I know it will be baby steps but am I am really at a loss as to what to do as I feel she does need walks outside not just in our very small back garden where incidentally she is just as jumpy. Any suggestions as to what I can try with her would be very much appreciated. Thank you Riggles
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