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  1. I've never had a greyhound so I can't compare, but they really don't seem to shed too much. Kaja has a longer, thicker coat and Potter's is more sparse and wiry, but neither is what I would consider a huge shedder nor was our first Staghound. We'll see if any "spring shedding" happens, but so far so good!
  2. Yes! I was amazed at how many people commented. I love seeing other people's staghounds, too. We had one stag before these two, Keira, and she convinced us that staghounds are the best dogs ever. So we were determined to find another after we lost her at age 11 a couple years ago, but we knew they are pretty rare. So we were thrilled to find our 2 (and now the rescue we got them from gets stags pretty regularly from North Dakota, which is wonderful) and we always love seeing pictures of others!
  3. I just posted a pic on the Greytalk FB page for you...check out my fuzzy girls! I'd love to see a picture of Tesla! I hope your other pups start to enjoy her energy and to play with her...I have that hope for my two as well because, despite being littermates, they aren't really in sync with their play styles. Keep us posted on how Tesla does; I love hearing about other ex coyote hunters enjoying their new lives!
  4. We have 2 staghounds (greyhound/deerhound/sometimes wolfhound mix, bred to hunt coyotes) and had one before these 2. All were failed coyote hunters, one from Iowa, two from North Dakota. All 3 are/were sweet, gentle, wonderful dogs, despite being bred and raised to chase, catch, and kill coyotes. Our first girl had exactly zero prey drive (we completely understand why she failed as a hunter!) and was a calm, bomb-proof sweetheart. Our newest two, who turned four today (we've had them for almost a year) do have a little prey drive but I couldn't imagine them going after a coyote...until one
  5. I've been played. This morning, Potter was in the padded recliner where I like to sit when I drink my coffee. I decided to lure her off, so, after setting my coffee and cookie down by the recliner (rookie move, I know) I went downstairs and opened the door to the garage like I was going to the car. Sure enough, Potter came running downstairs...then realized I was faking, ran back upstairs, and I got up the stairs just in time to see her jump back on the recliner--and grab my cookie. So now I'm sitting with Kaja on the couch, the cookie is in the garbage, and Potter seems quite pleased with her
  6. Potter--also known as "Hotter Potter"--is happy to wedge herself between hubby and me on the reclining loveseat, keeping one of each of our legs nice and toasty on those cold Minnesota winter nights. Kaja tries to keep her sister cool by wagging in her face every time they both greet me at the door.
  7. We have 3 year old Staghound littermates. Kaja likes to play with toys in the yard and Potter is the opposite of your Hoku...she carefully brings all toys that are outside back inside--which would be fine, except Kaja is still playing with them! I guess she's more "fun police" than "toy hoarder."...but you're right, hounds are crazy!
  8. Beautiful boy! And he looks like he's very much enjoying himself. For me, it's a risk/reward analysis. I have two 3-year-old Staghound littermates (failed coyote hunters). One of them looks and acts just like a fuzzy greyhound--she LOVES to sprint at the dog park, including bounding into the woods and dashing along narrow trails through the brush. Yes, sometimes she ends up with a scuff or a scrape (she has the typical greyhound thin skin), and a stitch or two might be in her future--but the joy she shows when she's running makes that minor risk acceptable to me. I compare her running to
  9. If he's going out several times a day and isn't having potty accidents in the house, maybe he doesn't need to go out any more often. I know that once I went back to work after the summer (I'm a teacher and my husband works from home) my girls stopped going out in the middle of the day. I take them out at 6 am and my husband is home all day but he says they never want to go out...they wait until I get home, even if it's not until 5:00. So if he's happily going out some times, and not having accidents, I'd say don't worry about him. He sounds like a good boy!
  10. It sounds like he's scared of the noises outside? I have one like that--but as with yours, she resists getting up off her bed to come outside but once she's at the door she's fine. We've used various "tricks" to get her to the door without forcing her. Sometimes we open the garage door so she thinks we're going in the car (which she loves), sometimes we take her sister out and just wait outside until Potter comes to the door, we've taken her out different doors, sometimes now (she's getting a lot better) food even works--it didn't before. More info about what he does would help us give be
  11. I'm interested in this, too, because my 3-year-old staghound littermate girls Kaja and Potter do this too. They were together at the coyote hunter who bred them until they were almost 3, then they were rescued. We adopted one and then the other was a bounce and we got her 4 months later--so they were together their whole lives except for 4 months (and we've had them together almost 3 months). Shortly after getting Potter, the second one, we fenced in part of our yard. Kaja wants to play in the yard and tries to get Potter going, but Potter usually shuts her down (and sometimes returns any
  12. We have 3-year-old staghound littermates Kaja and Potter. Their background is that they were bred and raised by a coyote hunter; they lived in outdoor runs with dog houses, with their parents and brother. Last fall they and their brother were put up for free on a Craigslist-type publication when the owner realized they were poor hunters. A local greyhound rescue scooped them up. They went to an emergency foster for a couple months--they were quite underweight--then to the rescue kennel. We got Kaja in early March, then Potter in July (she was a bounce). Kaja is the one I'm writing about
  13. Good point, Greysmom! DH comes the door to greet me when I come home (he works from home). It is cute, I must say--my whole family waiting for me when i come in the door but he's not skilled at doggie interventions nor really interested in "having to do something" with the dogs when I come home. So I guess for now, it's just "enjoy the little nutballs"--they really are doing well, and you're right, it's fun to see them excited (plus that "garage door obsession" of Potter's does come in handy--after a thunderstormy night last night I couldn't get her to go out for morning potty...until I op
  14. Thanks for the thoughts! BatterseaBrindl, good point! I do need to keep things in perspective; our last 2 dogs (and DH's only 2 dogs) were very mellow "only" dogs, so we had 20 years of "oh hi you're home, let me open one eye in greeting" to compare our current two to. Our girls really aren't that rambunctious, but DH is convinced they're going to kill themselves/each other (and Potter's bloody knee didn't help). In reality, though, they do stop quickly and to some extent I need to relax (and convince DH to relax). Kightfam, good thoughts! I think that's a good approach if things ge
  15. A question about my pups (sort of SA but maybe not really?): I have 3 year old staghound littermates. They were together their whole lives except for 4 months after they each got adopted; then Potter bounced and we got her. They get along great--a little sisterly snark when someone gets too rough playing, but in general they share furniture, don't resource guard food, etc. Kaja had very mild SA at first (mostly whining when DH, who works at home, went downstairs and she was too afraid to follow.) I'm a teacher; we got Kaja in March and by the end of the school year she was totally fine wit
  16. Love how he's figured out how to do zoomies in the tiny puddle!
  17. Good questions--the hike was only a mile to a mile and a half, and it was about 55 degrees, so I don't think she was overheated/overtired.... She was completely fine until she crawled in and got stuck...but it sounds like she's not the only one who reacts to stress like this!
  18. Update: The kitty didn't end up coming to the cabin (little brat ran and hid when my sister got out the cat carrier so she stayed home with the older cats), so no worries about the bedroom. Potter has done fabulously (it's her second cabin trip)--and every time I put my shoes on to take the girls for a walk she runs to the door and bounces around until I put her leash on. Huge improvement over her reluctance to get out of bed at home!
  19. Kaja (3 year old staghound, we've had her for 6 months) had a weird behavior today. We're at the cabin with her and littermate Potter, and they're doing great, having fun on walks and adjusting well to a different house. Both are pretty timid/passive girls. So today DH and I took them in the car to a place to hike. After the hike, we went to put them in the car, a Subaru Outback with the back seat down, a "hammock" clipped to the front headrests, and a foam mattress pad and fabric couch cover for padding in the back. Instead of jumping in through the back seat door, as usual (we had a bike
  20. dmdsmoxie, thanks! My girls definitely sound like omegas, not spooks! They're not racers but their upbringing (they were together with their brother until they were surrendered at age 3) is much more similar to a track greyhound's dog socialization than to that of a pet dog who is adopted at 8 weeks. Fascinating stuff!
  21. We used it for our previous staghound Keira for her whole life, and have been feeding it to our current two (6 months and one month). May try switching after this batch is done, but Keira always did well on it. How strongly is it tied to DCM? It's not grain free...
  22. Greysmom, thanks so much for your insight. I find your comparison of spooks to kids with autism fascinating (I've always wondered if something similar to autism ever shows up in animals). With that said (and I may just be in denial!), I really don't think my girls are spooks. I'll give you my assessment of them, and let me know what you think... Kaja: Kaja seems to me like a girl with a shy personality who was severely under-socialized.The girls were bred by a coyote hunter and grew up in an outdoor kennel in North Dakota; my guess is they didn't get out much! When she first got in ou
  23. Thanks for the ideas! I kind of like the crate idea--she was crated at her old house and often sleeps in her open crate here, although we've never shut her in it--but I doubt we'll have room for it in the car. I think (and I just told my hubby) that our focus this weekend needs to be on avoiding a situation where we stress Potter out by telling her to get off the bed--and if that means she sleeps with us, so be it. Won't be a problem when we get home since we baby gate them out of the bedroom, and the number one goal is to help Potter continue with her progress in feeling confident, even if
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