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  1. I am now trying OLEWO Carrots and she had the best poop today, and taking her Tylan! She is Natural Balance Lamb and Rice for now
  2. I don't know what to do anymore, My sensitive Grey has been on at least 5 different foods in 4 months. I believe she is allergic to Chicken, peanut butter, corn, and soy and sensitive to Salmon. I have tried Lamb and Rice and still has soft stool, she had hook worm in the past and will check again for the 6th time next week. She was on Grain free when i adopted her from a foster, and her gut was a total mess. I started with Purina, Hills, Natural Balance and now trying NB in Salmon...bad for her. She doesn't get any treats, and if they are given to her by a stranger...she gets sick. Can anyone give me suggestions? I just don't want to mess with RAW at this time. What is your best kibble for sensitive Grey? Thank you, Sandy
  3. Hello Remolacha! Thank you for posting. So true.....if a dog wants want to scarf down a treat, it doesn't matter where it is, floor, grass, gravel, countertop! I do love the raised feed styles though, and requires less being...not that I am tall! lol I walk the little girl for 40 min walk less humid days (which are far and few in-between around here in Naples, FL), so we go around dawn and dusk. Vesa also gets outings a few days a week at pet shops and other businesses where dogs are allowed to do little socializing and training. Since, reading MercyGrey's post on the A&P of a greyhound's abdominal cavities and greyhound's digestive tract, I don't even give bloat a thought anymore since I feed Vesa 3x a day. Vesa loves to sleep after she eats. She is so funny, perhaps she was programed to eat first, and walk later since she won't get off her warm pillow to tinkle in the morning! She does the Greyhound Freeze on her pillow! She is telling me that she wants food first! It works for both of us. Cracks me up. Thank you so much Remolacha! Have a happy Grey Day!
  4. Greyhound's really are crazy funny and sure do keep us on our toes! My Vesa loves to hunt for kibble too, it must be an exciting adventure for her. I do love raised feeders too, and I may consider making one that is about 12" off the floor...they don't have to bend so low, and either do we!
  5. Hello MercyGrey, Thank you for the helpful information and for taking the time to reply. We feed small portions 3x a day which is ideal for her. Bloat concerned me since was she has had loose stool and peristalsis for 3 weeks...and this has been going on since I have adopted her in August (possibly why she quit racing; she just stopped!), and worried that walking too soon would agraivate her tum tum.. I thought her constant loose stool was and indication of inflammation rather than just the hookworm since her stool didn't change, but her vet said no. I was going to order Yucca for her, but I hesitated since I started her on Panacur. After contacting the Vet again, she finally prescribed Metronidazole for her inflammation. After 3 days her stool looked a bit firmer. She is happier, and I am too. I have also search the bloat issue about the height of food bowls causing bloat..... If feeding a Greyhound from a lower position such as a dog dish on the floor contributes to bloat, then why doesn't the kennel feed the Greyhounds on raised bowls? Racing Greyhounds don't get bloat ( and they don't get fed 3 x a day), some are fed from a trough and some are fed from the floor. Vesa eats from the floor, although my husband did make a beautiful raise bowl dish for food and water. Thank you MercyGrey for clearing this up for me, I am on the right track now and love to Buddy Boy,
  6. Still trying to figure out my schedule with my newly adopted Greyhound Vesa! I would like to be out the door by 8:00AM Greyhounds can be mysterious when they want to eat and go out, Vesa will not go out first thing in the morning to do her number 2. Today I thought I should try something new so we went on a 40 min walk before feeding. It is hot here in SW Florida even at sunrise, and she is panting after a slow to moderate pace. Now, I feel I have to wait at least 1/2 hour or so until her heart rate and gut is settled to feed her...and she still hasn't pooed. She has been up for 3 1/2 hours. She has hookworm and has to go often, and I think she is holding off until she eats. I wish I knew what her Kennel schedule was like, perhaps I would understand more about her.
  7. Thank you for the fabulous info on DCM, and the confirmation on Purina Pro Plan. What is your transition food formula recommendation?
  8. Hello Greysmom, I just adopted a Grey 3 days ago, and she has hookworms and is on Drontal and Advantage Multi. She has been fed Natures Grain Free Chicken Sweet Potato, Pumpkin at Foster parents for the last 4 weeks. I want to transition her out of the grain free and was recommended Wholehearted...I think it is one of Petco's brands, the trainer boohooed Purina Pro Plan because of the unnecessary corn ingredients etc. My concern is her bowels and would love your suggestions on dog food. Thank you so much.
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