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  1. Honestly, even knowing that Buddy's statuing is similar in cause to Otto's makes me feel a little bit better. I knew it was a greyhound trait, I just wasn't fully prepared for how frustrating I was going to find it! I chatted with his foster mom this morning, and it sounds like she was running into the same stuff with him, so all in all it's feeling less overwhelming. Additionally, she also thinks a harness might help with him, I didn't even think about it but if the martingale is pulling his neck at all it could also be bothering his shoulder, so a harness might make a big difference. Thanks
  2. Reassuring to know your dog did this too! I was starting to feel a little crazy, because our walks were so good at the beginning. Walking with another dog could probably help, I'm hoping to set something up consistently with one or two of our neighborhood dog friends. I'll try the method you recommend with his collar too! Thank you!
  3. Otto's statuing happens pretty randomly, although I'm starting to notice a pattern where if we have to change direction away from somewhere he wanted/was focused on, he'll statue. Normally I'm quite happy to let him sniff around and change direction at will, but sometimes that's not an option (he's fascinated with the road, for example, and wants to just stand in the middle of it). I try to avoid the road in general as it's such a distraction for him, and walking on hard surfaces aggravates his shoulder, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Mostly we do a lot of field and woods walks. Do you
  4. Hi all...I've had my 2-year-old grey Otto for three weeks now. I realize he's very much still adjusting, getting used to his new home and me so I'm trying to approach this situation with all of my patience and an open mind. During the first week or so with me, he was doing great on walks. Really loved them, trotting happily alongside me, sniffing at things, etc. He had some moments of getting distracted/statueing if he was overwhelmed, but with patience and lots of encouragement/treats, he would usually be ready to move along after a few minutes or so. Sometime over the last week, it's like a
  5. Hi all! Just adopted my first grey, Otto, this weekend, and so far things are going pretty well. Looking ahead, I'm hoping to bring him on shortish roadtrips (4-5ish hours) to my parents' house across the state. For safety, and because he's already the type who likes to try to climb into the front seat, I'm trying to figure out what the best method is to keep him safe and relatively restrained in the car? His crate isn't going to fit in my cargo space (I have a Ford Escape) and I've looked at backseat slings, but I'm thinking he might also need a seatbelt harness or similar. Anyone have any lu
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