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  1. This is an update from my first post here. River (10) had her broken toe amputated. She just had her stitches and bandaid removed last weekend and she did excellent! She has been her normal happy self but we noticed she is rather stiff, usually whenever she gets up from a relaxed position or after a long nap. I feel like she wasn't always the best at balance because of how old she is and I'm sure at her age after racing until she was 8 she has stiff and sore aches in her joints, and now she has a missing toe on top of that after 10 years of life. What are some things we could do to help her relax? She deserves to be happy and healthy. I don't want to touch her paw until she is more adjusted, it's only been a total of three weeks I believe from the entire ordeal. Any suggestions? Any advice from experience from people who have had amputatee greyhounds and or other animals? Thank you!
  2. Our 10 year old Greyhound River is healing from an amputation of her outer right toe on the front left leg. Her bandage got wet. More context is below. What do I do?! About seven nights ago, she came inside limping. I checked her and thought maybe she stepped on something but didn't notice anything aside the limp. We called the vets and despite greyhounds being notorious for cancer in their legs and paws, they told us to wait another day and come in if she was still limping. Her left front paw was swollen the next day. We took her to the vets last Wednesday and the outer right toe was broken. She has surgery on Thursday and came home a few hours after. A splint and bandage would take 6 to 8 weeks of miserable healing and the doctor suggested a toe amputation, which would heal much faster and be better for her in the long run due to her age and the fact that limping around in a splint for 8 weeks when we are moving to a property with 2 acres of land would torture her. They amputated the toe on Thursday and she has been wearing a thick bandage since. I woke up this morning to rain and put on a sandwich baggy as best as I could, but it fell off and now its wet. I called my mother, whose away at the moment, and she told me it would be fine. I asked her to call the vets since I'll be going to a doctors appointment at 10 am. She said it would be fine and I told her it wasn't suppose to get wet, that it could cause infection, make her more uncomfortable and miserable, etc. Its only been four days! She has been taking a pain pill once a day and an antibiotic twice a day. What should I do? I'm so scared! I feel like an idiot.
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