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  1. Yes Orijen is EXPENSIVE so looking at the vet foods is about on par with what I'm paying now. Don't worry I know all about changing foods lol. I usually give it a bag maybe two before I call quits on a food. My vet recommended Nupro that has lots of digestive enzymes and probiotics that I currently use with the one so I'll likely start giving it to them all to help them adjust. My girl has a vet appointment next week so I'll get some advise from the vet. (She's a huge greyhound lover and has three of her own)
  2. I've always done water too or yogurt. I agree thank you. Corn just never seemed to work for my greys or poultry. Fish has always worked best. I hope we get more brands going grain-inclusive.
  3. I'm very upset that Zignature was on the list. I did a lot of research before putting my one grey on it and I liked that had vets and dog nutritionist working with them plus it is made here in the U.S. They made a statement and sort of shrugged the whole thing off instead of saying "hey to address you're concerns we will start working on new formulas that have grains" they basically said going to keep on keeping on. I guess I'm going to have to go with Eukanuba. Purina hasn't worked in the past I believe because of corn (talk about gas!) in a lot of the formulas though they have
  4. Thanks I will try. Zignature is the only brand I use that has realized a statement about DCM. The reason I'm seriously looking right now is because I just about ready to open new bags and I know with the greys I need to mix to get them switched. Purina unless they have seriously changed their formula since about 5 years ago when I was trying to mix things up it is off the plate for the greys at least. Talk about deadly gas. They offended themselves and poor Hawkeye smelly runny BMs luckily petsmart has a good return policy about food. Also thanks for the concern about my family not easy a
  5. So as most people have heard about this DCM issue and grain-free diet I came here looking for suggestions on how to put grain-back in my dogs' diets. I have three dogs two greys and a mix beagle/ACD/misc. All of them are on grain-free but it was all sort of a thing I stumbled on. My first grey, Hawkeye, had horrible GI problems and skin issues. It took me nearly 2 years trying every brand/formula/flavor and supplements I could get until I finally got him on Orjien Six-fishes and a digestive supplement. He has been on it nearly 8 years now and his coat and skin are perfect and he has normal BMs
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