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  1. Oliver is now 7. I've had him since he was 5. We have discovered he is a spook. (Doggie autism) if anyone has or had owned a spook please discuss your experience. How did we know? Oliver is the quietest, sweet and quirky dog. He is afraid of almost everything in the house. Water bottles, the whole kitchen,(like the entire room) and by the way, the whole house except the living room(he never goes in any part of the house he stays in the livingroom only), ceiling fans, the Christmas tree in the kitchen but it's the kitchen so it is scary, anything that makes a sudden noise. He very anxious. H
  2. So Oliver is 5. I've had him since January 2019. He is a retired racer. I also have a boxer, Bella, who is the greyhound emotional support service dog. She's a super calm sweet girl. She is 10 and sleeps as much as Oliver. They are a good pair. Oliver was settling in nicely starting to wag his tail, play with Bella and toys. He had sn incident with the toaster and quit going in the kitchen pretty early on. I fed him in the livingroom, his "den". When the weather got warmer I turned on tube ceiling fan in my bedroom, so he quit going in there. Again no problem he stayed to the living room sti
  3. Oliver is 5. Retired racer. Ive had him since Jan. 2019. He was settling in nicely. Until I turned on the ceiling fan in my bedroom. He used to go into all rooms, which have fans. He quit coming in the bedroom, then The kitchen and now he noticed the living room fan. The living room is his den. His bed and food are there.. today is the first day he didn't eat. He is on anxiety medication. He doesn't want to come in the house. He pants and is so worried about the fan. Medication is fairly new(less than a week) so I know that will take some time. Im trying desensitizing. I touch the fan and give
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