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  1. Hello all, We’ve had our retired grey for about 6 weeks. For the first 4 we had no accidents at all and now recently we have had three pees indoors. The first two looked like marking. We have mirrors in those rooms and we wondered whether he had seen his reflection and figured it was another dog. The third incident happened in a different room (they’ve all been in different rooms) and he just walked in behind my wife who was sat at the desk and squatted and peed. In each case he’d been out within the past hour or so, so can’t have been desperate. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? We wondered whether he doesn’t realise that he can go downstairs and then out to pee - almost as if upstairs is a different area altogether. He is definitely toilet trained as he regularly takes himself outside to pee when the back door is open. Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks
  2. Hello, We recently rehomed a grey and he’s settled in really well. Towards the end of last week (week 2 since we got him) he has taken to spending most of his time upstairs, in our bedroom (which is also where he sleeps). If/when we go into the room he wags and is happy to see us, often following us out the room to the landing but rarely down the stairs. He has a bed downstairs in our kitchen diner and will settle without fuss if the door is closed, but then as soon as the door is opened he will generally wander to the door then upstairs. It’s a large space and backs on to the garden so he has plenty of room. Worth reading anything in to this? We’re a little upset because it feels like he prefers to be alone which is contrary to most things I’ve read. Thanks!
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