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  1. Looking for advice on how to get my boy to stop being scared on car rides. When we first brought him home he loved car rides, then one day as he jumped in he hit his leg. Thankfully no real damage but he was terrified. Now anytime we get him in the car he shakes 😥. He loves people so have tried taking hi. To his favorite places, but still scared additionally would like to train him to stay in a laying down position for safety during car rides, right now he wants to stand (again he used to lay down) any advice is appreciated! pic of our adorable guy
  2. Following as my guy does the same thing! Started after being home about 4 months....nothing has changed and nothing happened on a walk...
  3. I am a new greyhound owner, Joey has been with us 3 weeks, tested positive for hookworm (which is very common I have noticed). He had his first treatment 1 week ago and today his diarrhea seems worse and he has no appetite, is this common? He has been eating chicken and rice with some kibble (same kibble that he had at the kennel). Just wondering if the treatment can make him feel like this? Thanks in advance!!
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