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  1. Thanks all! That makes me feel better. We'll stick with the leashed walks then until he's feeling better. Now to get him to walk nicely on a leash.....
  2. Hi everyone! We just adopted Remy (2 yr old male) last week. It's so good to have a greyhound in the house again after our Jax passed in May. <3 Since we brought him home, he's been limping off and on on his front right foot, and the pain seems to mostly be from his wrist joint (we checked his paws -- no corns or anything stuck in them. He cries in pain though if you bend his wrist). The limp will occur towards the end of a walk or right after he gets up from his bed for a few seconds, but otherwise he walks/trots/plays with toys as normal. I took him to the vet and all of his x-
  3. Jax, our beautiful brindle champion, left us on Sunday morning. He was fine all day, going for his usual walk and cuddling on the couch. Right before bed he started walking slowly when we went out for the bathroom, and wouldn't touch his kibble when we came in. He threw up and then just laid down taking shallow breaths. It didn't feel right. I took him to the emergency vet thinking he must have swallowed a big piece of rawhide and had a blockage. The last thing I expected the vet to say is that he had fluid built up around his heart. She said she could drain the fluid, but there was no telling
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