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  1. Jax, our beautiful brindle champion, left us on Sunday morning. He was fine all day, going for his usual walk and cuddling on the couch. Right before bed he started walking slowly when we went out for the bathroom, and wouldn't touch his kibble when we came in. He threw up and then just laid down taking shallow breaths. It didn't feel right. I took him to the emergency vet thinking he must have swallowed a big piece of rawhide and had a blockage. The last thing I expected the vet to say is that he had fluid built up around his heart. She said she could drain the fluid, but there was no telling how much time that would buy him before it filled back up again. She said his prognosis was not good. We chose to not put him through the repeated sedation and surgeries and all that would come down that path. He gave us nearly 4 years of perfect health and joyful days, right until his very last day, and we like to think he would have wanted it to end that way. My husband and I are still reeling from the shock of it all. He was fine, and then he was gone. I always thought we would have more warning. He was almost 10 years old and I just assumed we would have a few more years still. Or that I would see him slow down with age and would know the end was near. I never thought he could be in perfect health one morning and gone the next. We don't know how to process this gaping hole in our lives and our hearts. We love you Jacko. You raced until you were 5 years old. 149 races, 18 wins. You never let any challenge we threw your way get you down -- elevators, hardwood floors, stairs, traffic, two apartment moves. We were so lucky to know you and love you. We will miss you forever.
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