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  1. 😢 oh god sorry. This sounds crappy all round so I hope you have some better news when you consult with Dr Coulto. Otherwise best wishes and lots of love to you and your hounds.
  2. Happy birthday Kate! I hope you had a lovely day xx
  3. When Buddy used to wear a muzzle, he would stop near the end of our walk and rub his face on my thigh until I took it off. I don’t turn his food bowl only because he is a hunter and I would hate to remove the thrill of chasing his food down from him! But in most other matters, he gets his way almost every time. I’ve become the dog owner I said I would never be and there is virtually nothing that either of Buddy’s humans wouldn’t do for him 😍
  4. I would love to have seen it, and at the same time hope that this never happens to Buddy! His olives and lipstick put in an appearance yesterday
  5. Lambie is making the Y’ from ‘YMCA’.. Annie is making the C. What a team! Can we get an M and A?
  6. We have a result! Not sure how permanent this is but we'll take for now. We chucked come kibble down for him, and we’ve cleaned his teeth on it, and while he doesn’t look completely at ease in these photos, he is currently sleeping on it. In the second photo, he looks like he’s trying not to fall off the bed! I think this is how I look when I’ve had a few glasses of fizzy stuff 🤪
  7. I would but Buddy’s a needy, attention seeking nark and I don’t think it would go down well!
  8. Well, moments after that photo was taken, we discovered that at some point he had sustained an injury to his back foot - later still we found a tuft of fur on those steps that was talking about earlier, and he has lifted a flap of skin and was bleeding everywhere! So that cover had blood all over it and has been washed. I’ve patched him up and will see how it looks in the morning. We put his only bed down in its place while the new bed was outside, and he’s bled on that too, poor boy. Seems like we can’t do right for doing wrong!.
  9. Progress! Hopefully by the weekend we might have hound on a new bed 🤞
  10. It’s taken me ages but I’ve just worked out what this stands for!!!!
  11. The centre of the bed is in the garden soaking up the late evening sun. When it comes in I’ll put his black blanket on it which smells more like him. We tried putting his old bed on top of his new bed yesterday (I too am a bedstacker and his old one is destined for the pile in his sulking corner in the tv room) but he was having none of it. I’m certain he will get used to it when he feels like it. Last December, we adjusted the landscaping of the back garden so he had steps to get to the grassy area which is raised. It took him about three months before he decided that they were safe to use! Contrary boy.
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