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  1. Happy birthday Punkin! You’re so good to make your mum share her food with the other people on your special day 😍
  2. It seems that lots of people do allow their hounds to sleep in the bed with them. I suppose the answer to your question is that you won’t know what can go wrong until it has! As long as you understand the risks that you take with this behaviour, and that you understand that you may be woken up at some point by 30kg of teeth and fur which which won’t be your dog’s fault then it’s really up to you. Snuggle away!
  3. My advice would also be set Alfie up a safe space. We have a bed in the middle of the room, but we also have one in a corner that Buddy can take himself off to. We never approach him without announcing ourselves if he’s sleeping due to him having sleep startle, and having learnt the hard way! i was in the middle of this reply when your second post popped up. You’re right that Alfie is trying to communicate to you, and the answers you receive from the members on here will all be given to try to help you read your dog better. I wouldn’t read the first response as a criticism of Jake (I didn
  4. Do you have bite size shredded wheat in the States? No fat, no salt, no sugar. My boy loves them as a bit of a change, although clearly they are not very meaty! He also loves Rublies by Olewo. They are a carrot and beetroot pellet, so again, not very meaty
  5. I have a meal planned and will be posting pictures of the carnage as it happens
  6. Same from here. Sorry about your double loss but thanks for sharing your experience as I’ve definitely learned something from it.
  7. I feel your pan too, but we have underfloor heating where Buddy’s bowls are so it dries up fairly quickly. Would something like this work for you? You might need a couple of them but at least they are washable and very absorbent. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brabantia-Microfibre-Dish-Drying-Dark/dp/B079P9FH2V/ref=asc_df_B079P9FH2V/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=389319101948&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9773122076665421518&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046501&hvtargid=pla-471792040257&psc=1&th=1&ps
  8. Abu looks like he’s giving as good as he gets! Great photos
  9. When I’ve looked for prescription stuff like worming tablets online, they are much cheaper to buy but many you can’t get without a vet prescription first, and ours charge £15 a prescription. pets-megastore.com.au is a good site to look at, and this is where we got our Droncit (our vet will only let him have them every six months, but the pack states you can give it every three, so we bought extra for the in between months.
  10. You’re not a bad owner, you’re just learning as you go along, which is what most people have to do! If what you’ve seen doesn’t look like any of the pictures you’ve found online, just keep your original appointment and discuss with your vet then. I’d advise you make a list of things you want to ask - our vet in Runcorn is not letting owners into the clinic still and handover can be a bit hit and miss. Ask them if they have a monthly plan which covers worming and annual vaccinations (I think ours is called the Pet Health Club and costs us £16.99 a month. It also (apparently!) reduces the cost o
  11. It’s possible that if he previously had worms that his infection hasn’t been cleared by his last dose, and yes, it’s also possible that he’s been reinfected since his last worming. Could he have eaten something to infect him - dead animal, poo (his own or another animals’)? I’m not familiar with those medications, so it’s worthwhile looking up which types of worm they treat. Also, how frequently do you treat him - monthly or quarterly? Again, depending on his habits you might want to discuss changing worming regimens with your vet. Our Buddy is a determined poop eater and I’m much happier ho
  12. Gorgeous boy, and he already looks like he’s right at home 😍
  13. Silly suggestion maybe, but you haven’t mentioned if your houndie has a coat. A thick one with a snood attached might be the thing if you haven’t. There are also cave-type beds you can get that she can burrow into, since whatever blankets you have may fall off her during the night. Both options are probably safer than a heater or heated blanket.
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