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  1. Hello - I've been here before, lost my boy Duke in May, and recently adopted our new girl "Ruth." Duke was 13 when he went so it is hard to really remember his chasing, energetic prey driven days. Ruth is two years old, fresh off the track, learning the rules and adjusting well. She is very sweet and friendly and three weeks in she is really showing her personality, which is bold and independent. She is destined to get a squirrel; she is young and fast and we have huge oak trees in our yard that the squirrels obviously reside in. She loves to spend hours outside; my husband and I are off so we have been able to indulge her in this routine. However, she is becoming increasingly more predatory in the backyard. She takes on the stalking stance, walking slowly, staring up at the trees and sitting and waiting. How do I address this? I redirect her, give her her toys and call her in when I see that she is fixated but she loves being outside. Some of what she thinks she sees is just leaves or bushes rustling but definitely she is waiting and pointing in the direction where the squirrels come from another yard into ours. Thoughts?
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