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  1. Just to finish the thread off, Billy has fully recovered from the edema in his paw, the swelling rapidly reduced after starting the antibiotics and he is completely back to his normal self now. Thank you all for your advice!
  2. Thanks MaryJane, yeah that’s the next step if the swelling continues or goes (with the antibiotics) and comes back. We’re keeping a very close eye on it, I’m taking pictures daily to track it lol thanks again
  3. Hi Merseygrey he has been on an anti-inflammatory too, sorry forgot to mention this in my original message. The vet did do a thorough exam and there’s no obvious sign of injury but we’re keeping an eye on it. Thanks
  4. Thanks Cleptogray, great advice about the Epsom’s salts, we will get some and definitely do this to aid the recovery. We suspect at this point it was a puncture injury like what you have mentioned so yeah we will keep an eye on it and will definitely be back to the vet if there is any change
  5. Hi, the vet didn’t take X-rays yet, she wanted to see if he would respond to the antibiotics first. She did a good investigation of his paw and leg and there are no obvious signs of injury or fracture (he doesn’t cry or pull away when the paw is touch and manipulated)
  6. I don’t know if it was a spider bite, we can’t see any obvious puncture or wound to the paw and definitely no leakage of any sort. The vet didn’t mention putting ice on it but he’s been doing loads better for the last day or so, the swelling is almost completely gone and he’s back to his normal self!
  7. Thank you for the advice! he still wants to go for his normal walks and once he’s up and about he does stop limping so much. I don’t think he’s in loads of pain based on how he is when he is up but yeah just wanted to see what would be best for him. Thanks again
  8. Hi all, just after a little advice... Our 10 year old Billy has a swollen paw. We took him to the vet yesterday and he’s been prescribed a high dose of antibiotics to help. So far we’ve not seen much change but he’s only had 3 doses so I think it’s early days. I just wanted to ask, should we be resting him or is it ok for him to do some short walks? This is our first time with this condition so any info would be great. Thanks in advance Ryan
  9. Thank you all for your replies, your advice has been honestly so helpful to us!
  10. Thanks for your reply Macoduck. she wasn’t leaning over him, she was at his level but not over him as such. He definitely hadn’t fallen asleep, he was wide awake when I said hi to him and had been in the garden before she greeted him. No he definitely doesn’t have any hearing loss either. It’s just a really strange situation. We’re in the UK so I don’t know if the rules reporting things are the same but thanks for the heads up in case they are.
  11. Hi all, we've had our grey Billy for 2.5 years now, he’s 9 years old and has truly settled amazingly into our home and lives. We’ve had no issues or anything like that with him at all. However, on Saturday, he bit my partner on the nose. We had just come downstairs (he stays downstairs) in the morning, I had said good morning to him with no issues but when my partner said good morning to him, he suddenly bit her on the nose. We are very lucky that she is ok, she’ll have scars but nothing more serious than a few cuts and bruises. The bite wasn’t him latching on, it was a
  12. Thanks for the reply KF. Yeah I have noticed a slight drip when he poops normally but this was just when we were relaxing indoors, he kinda jumped up and that’s when we noticed a tiny dribble but we weren’t sure if it was because he might have been a bit sore since having them expressed or something like that.
  13. Hi everyone, I know this is not the nicest of topics but I have a question and would like some advice. Billy had his glands expressed at the vet yesterday after they were full and irritated and seems to be doing great since. However, this evening, he had a very small amount of leakage and he was quite distressed. My partner (used to be a dog groomer so had a little knowledge) cooled his butt down with some damp tissue and he seemed better. She then checked his glands to see if there was an issue but she found that they seemed fine. My question is, is it normal to have a sm
  14. Thank you so much for all your help! You have been so helpful to us! The good news is that he is already on Wainwright’s as his standard food so that’s a relief that he won’t have to change. And thank you for the link for the DMB, will definitely bookmark that so I can keep an eye on things! Thanks again! We really do appreciate it!
  15. Thank you for the reply Ozgirl, thanks for the information
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