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  1. Hi, Im a somewhat new greyhound owner (my husband and I adopted six months ago). She was smaller than the others, even for a female and was the most calm. She had some dry skin issues but at he time I just thought she was dirty. We knew she would need time to adjust but its already been six months and Im concerned theres something going on. She is on anxiety medicine because of her separation anxiety but she still gets upset when we leave and tears up her crate and anything she can get to while in it. This week was the worst. She bent her crate, slid the bottom part out, and was wet everywhere with what we can only guess was urine. She had only been left a few hours. I tried leaving her out of her crate while I was gone briefly and it went well but when my husband and I tried it again we could hear her yelping and pawing at the window and were worried so he just stayed home with her. Would it be better for us to leave her out or crate her? She is still pretty timid and does not wag her tail much or show a lot of affection. Should we look into upping her medication?
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