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  1. Hey guys! We just wanted to give a very positive update on Senner 2 months in! He has come out of his shell massively and now is a calm, happy and confident dog in the house. Thank you all for your help! We did a mix of different bits and bobs but here are some of the things that helped the most incase anyone else with similar issues reads this! - Gave him lots of time. - Didn’t walk him for around 3 weeks which really helped him settle and be confident with us. - Eating his tea outside did help a bit with the road noise. - Started walking again gradually and did a few walks with other dogs. - Once we were confident that he was stopping because of stubbornness rather than fear (he wasn’t shaking, dribbling or tail between his legs as before) started marching him with a harness. After around 2-3 walks he no longer needed that. He now looks forward to walks. He still isn’t confident with other dogs but that’s something we’ll continue to work on. Thank you again for all the advice, it really helped while we panicked unnecessarily! We even have made him an instagram! @Senner.the.greyt
  2. Thank you! I think maybe we did sort of have a presure to walk him 2x20m walks a day but youre 100% right, as long as hes not restless we can take a step back and just focus on making him as comfortable as possible and as happy as possible.
  3. Thank you! We do have a garden that he Potters around not on his lead, would you recommend putting his lead on and doing little circles? Thanks! Ill have a read! Thank you! I think we panicked because we felt so stuck we couldnt get anywhere and then when he froze in the road! What do you do when Max freezes and wont go anywhere? Would you suggest picking him up at that point?
  4. Hey guys! So we thought after Saturday we were at least stepping in the right direction! We took him back to that park on the Sunday and he started freezing and freezing and no matter what we did it didnt help. We had to lift him in the end as we were in a bit of a pickle and my partner even ended up having to bring the car to get us as he would not go more that 100 steps without freezing! Yesterday I drove about 200m from the house and while he didnt want to go the usual way he did walk past the house towards a little nature reserve wed been to the previous weekend and then was fine walking around that. In the evening we took your advice and he ate his dinner on the pavement opposite our culdesac and seemed fine doing so. Today I drove 500m up the main road and tried to get him to walk in the opposite direction from the house to the park that used to be part of his daily walks last week and he wasnt having any of it. Instead we just walked back to the house and any attempts to get him to turn around or go towards his old circuit failed. There was one point he froze in the road and I had to lift him to the side because there were cars coming. Im really worried that hes actually getting worse, he now doesnt want to seem to walk anywhere that weve walked before and by always going the way he wants that were perpetuating his behaviour? Any ideas welcome please! Im petrified that if he doesnt start walking then we wont be able to manage him and he might have to find another home which would break mine and my partners hearts!
  5. Thanks guys thats really helpful and reassuring that youre both saying its quite normal! He goes out to pee and poop like a champ and hasnt had any behaviours that are destructive so I think it is just some patience! Normally hes pretty food motivated but when he gets nervous and freezes there is just nothing that seems to break it. Yesterday and today we got him into the car and took him to a big county park which he enjoyed! Today was a tad bad timing as it was park run so like 200 joggers descended on us at once! But he coped marvellously! We also stopped about 300m from home and my Partner walked him back across the road and into the culdesac with no issues which is good, we just need to work on walking away from the house! Getting him to wear the leash and collar in the house is a fab idea! We will give that a go! Thank you both so much!
  6. Hello, Were new and have just rehomed a 4.5 year old black and white Boy called Senner. Hes recently retired. Weve brought him into a 4 bed detached home with a small to medium garden. No other pets or kids, just me and my partner. We knew he was a bit shy when we first adopted him but were just hoping for some advice. He has taken to his bed in the kitchen immediately, this is his safe space, and its very difficult to get him away from there. He doesnt seem to recognise his name, making any training difficult. When we first got him 2 weeks ago you could put his lead on and this would get him up and hed Go for 2 walks a day, theyd be occasional freezes but he seemed to enjoy them. However now he refuses to get up for his collar. If we put it on when hes already outside to go to the loo then hell freeze at the end of our culdesac and refuse to go any further, you cant walk in corcles, hes not food motivated and we end up turning round and he marches home. We also could get him up from the bed and gently lead him into the lounge on an evening when we were in there arching TV, close the door, and hed settle. Now he wont be led anywhere and we cant seem to Tempt him In with treats. Were using a pet remedy diffuser in the lounge and hes wearing a bandana with it sprayed on to help but it just feels like were taking some Many steps backward. Any ideas/words of wisdom? Any help would be appreciated!
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