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  1. Hi all, so our 4 year old little girl started eating her own poop a couple of weeks ago. We have had her for 7 months (off the track) and this is new. Nothing in her life has changed recently, same food (Big Country Raw), same exercise, same everything. Thoughts? supplements? Thanks!!
  2. Hi all! Just joined the forum as it has been a wealth of information. We just picked up our new little girl on Sunday, she has been super quiet and Velcro, which is understandable. My heart goes out to her as she went from the kennel to foster to here and never been alone. We have done lots of reading about alone training, I am just confused on one step. If we crate her (which she seems ok in) and then leave for a minute, come back, etc, Do we keep her in her crate as we keep coming and going, or leave for a minuet, come back, let her out, then 10 mins later put her back in and leave for 2 minutes, then let her out again, etc? Thanks so much!
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