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  1. Thank you all for your posts! They are much appreciated. Her scrapes are starting to look much better!
  2. She has (of course) already started licking it. I will try the saline solution too thank you for the suggestion. And yes, the owner was standing right there with the dogs and didn’t seem to understand why the situation was so unsafe. 🙄
  3. Hi all- my 8 year old girl was attacked by two unleashed dogs in the neighborhood last night. I’m not sure if they bit her but banged her up pretty good. the attack was partly on the sidewalk so I think her main wound is from being scraped on the pavement...I cleaned the wound with water but wasn’t sure if I should put something else on it. I called the vet and they don’t have any appointments until next Monday which I feel like is too late anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping with wound care/ and or if the emergency vet is necessary? Thank you 🙏🏻
  4. Not sure if this is too late, but I see dr benson at advanced veterinary complex in Reisterstown. He is very knowledgeable of greyhounds.
  5. Thank you all for your responses! I replied a while ago but something must have gone wrong. Update: I have switched her food to Wellness and giving her Natural Balance limited ingredient wet food (which she loves). And giving her a scoop of Owelo carrots in her food (they’re awesome!) I called the vet but they're extremely busy so he hasn't gotten back to me, but she seems to be doing much better on the new diet (and has even gained a few pounds!) Now we’re on to tackle her latest issue: wanting to be awake at 4am silly greys!
  6. Has anyone had any success with Animals Matter dog beds? I want to get something nice for my aging greyhound. If so, which type did you prefer? https://animalsmatter.com/products/ali-jewel-puff-orthopedic-luxury-dog-bed?variant=18026028105793
  7. Help! My 8 year old grey started to have diarrhea out of nowhere in the beginning of March. She’s been on the same kibble (Kirkland chicken and rice) for over 6 months. She’s never had the best stool it’s often a little mushy, but later it’s been piles of orange liquid on/off. She’s been to the vet to rule out giardia and I think worms too. (Worms is unlikely because she’s been off the track a long time). They put her on an antibiotic for 2 weeks but that didn’t help. Took her back and got full bloodwork and it came back fine. Then they put her on antibiotics again for about 2 weeks (Flagyl)
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