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  1. I was feeding my dawg the same dry food with same type protein for about three years until I learned it should be changed regularly. How often should it be changed? Thanks in Advance !
  2. Is canned 100% Pure Pumkin the same as puree? I give my dog a spoonful of non fat non flavored yogurt and have consider switching to the purée as well.
  3. I am looking to change my hounds food from 4Health Grain Free Large Breed to either Diamonds Natural or American Journey as i have hear good things on both. He has seemed to always skip multiple meals once a week or two and i was wanting to change to see if it helps. The 4Health is Turkey based, so i was thinking i would switch. Is there a flavor that most dogs seem to like better or is it each dog just different. I see there is Salmon, Beef, Chicken, and Lamb. Thanks in advance.
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