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  1. Hey everybody. Hope you are all well and feeling good. Crazy weather in South Central PA. 64 degrees today!!! Our 3 year old male Loco has a sore foot. About a week ago he jumped off of his couch and we think that he may have gotten his foot caught in his blanket. After he came down, he was yelping and crying and holding his back foot up. He limped around for about 2 minutes and then begin to walk normally. I took him out to pee and he was walking normally and continued to do so for the next 2 days. He played with his ball and did his daily zoomies and was perfectly normal. Now when he gets up from a nap, he limps for a couple of steps and then returns to normal. He is still playing and doing zoomies. Anybody have any ideas what might be going on? Thanks, Michael
  2. Hey Everybody. I have a food question. We adopted Loco, an 80lb male in February, straight off the track. Of course he had hook worms and "pudding poop". We have now tried him on three different foods. Diamond Naturals, Nutro Chicken flavor and now he is on Nutrish beef and pea. He now has well formed stools but most of the time they are still too soft to get them all picked up. He has tested negative for hook worms after 2 rounds of treatment. We are giving him a probiotic every morning and we are using Milk bone Minis as reward treats. Any ideas on a medium priced food that might help with this problem? Thanks.
  3. Hey everybody. Our newly adopted male Greyhound Loco has a hard lump about 1/2 inch below his right eye. It is slightly larger than a pea and is "floating" underneath the skin. You can actually move it around! He has an appointment April 15th for his first checkup and of course we will ask the Vet about it but I was just wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this. Thanks
  4. Hey everybody. Hope you are all well and feeling good. I have a question. How many times a day does your Greyhound poop? We are new Greyhound parents and we have Loco, a very sweet and loving boy. He weighs about 77 lbs and and is 2 1/2 years old. He eats 5 cups of beef flavored kibble a day ( made by Diamond food co), 2 in the morning, 1 at noon, and 2 in the evening. He is always hungry and is very food motivated. He poops on average 5 times a day. We are giving him some canned pumpkin with his food and his stools range from mushy to formed but soft. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Sorry, his name is Loco, short for Locomotion which was his track name. He is 2 1/2 and weighs 77 lbs. We have had him for 2 1/2 weeks. We also have 2 small dogs as well and they all get along well together. He is the most loving and friendly dog I have ever seen and is very outgoing as well.
  6. Hey everybody. This may be normal Greyhound behavior but I am a new owner and it strikes me as odd. We have a living room and kitchen arrangement that is open at both ends. In other words, our hound is able to take a walk in a circle through both rooms. He does this on a regular basis and we have learned that if he takes the walk at a trot, it sometimes means that he has to poop and we take him out and he takes care of his business in short order. The problem is that we can't always tell for sure and therefore we make lots of trips outside that are not productive. I have seen him take as many as 25 laps around the circle at a slower pace and then lay down in the living room to rest. This handsome boy came to us only crate trained and not house trained. He "marked" a lot at first but that has almost completely stopped. He is doing very well with house training but of course we are taking him out more than we should have to. He always goes in a counter clock wise direction which I believe is the direction that they run a race. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Hey Everybody!! We are new here and we have just adopted our first Greyhound. What magnificent creatures they are. We have 2 small dogs as well. We have had Loco for 5 days and he seems to be settling in ok. He is good with the other dogs, one wants to play with him but is a little afraid of his size. The other one could care less about the newbie. The first 3 days Loco would go to the door to let us know it was time. Now all of a sudden, he is marking and `once just flat out peed with no warning. He also pooped twice in the house yesterday!!! This big boy came from a track in Florida to an agency in NJ where he was for about 3 weeks before we adopted him and brought him home to PA. The agency indicated that he was house trained but I don't think the training was complete. Our current training method is to follow him if he leaves the room and if he starts to lift his leg or squats, we say "outside" in a stern voice and take him out immediately. If he goes while he is outside, we reward him with a dental treat. He is just a big goofball and very loving. He weighs 77 lbs and is very tall and strong so its not always easy to get him headed in the right direction quickly. He walks on the leash very well and does not pull at all unless he decides to do a quick "zoomie". He does circle me quite a bit which is problematic as his leash gets tangled (he is in a harness) At any rate, if anybody has other potty training advice, it would be welcomed.
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