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  1. Thanks, I will definitely check with the agency. I'm just hoping to get an idea of what to expect before I get too committed. I've been thinking about doggy daycares and dog walkers as well, but I'm wondering how necessary it is.
  2. Hi, I'm a prospective owner looking into greyhounds, but my primary concern is being away at work for 10 hours a day (including commute). Can a typical greyhound be alone for that long? I was hoping I could adjust my work schedule in the beginning until he gets more acclimated to me/the apartment. I was thinking I could work the first 2-3 weeks from home/a café to help ease the transition to being alone for extended periods of time. And after those 2-3 weeks, I could move to a schedule of working in my office (10 hour days) about twice a week. If that goes well, I would probably have to go back to 10 hour work days during weekdays (5 days/week). What are your thoughts on this type of work schedule? Do you think a greyhound can manage being alone for that long? Or perhaps this is just a bad time for me to adopt? Also, living in an apartment in the city, I don't have regular access to a fenced park. I may only be able to get to one every 2 weeks or so. Do you think this would be a problem, or would longer daily walks be okay for him? I've been reading some mixed feedback online on this, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks
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