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  1. Symptoms sounds somewhat similar to my 10 yo girl’s symptoms. She has no history of corns. Neurologist said based on his exam her symptoms were/are due to nerve pain in her back. Said this was common in greys. She shakes/trembles after standing for a period of time because her back is in pain. Toes are also a bit splayed on front foot to compensate as the pain radiates down a rear leg. Presentation was shaking in her right rear leg and some lameness, not using the leg much, holding it up at times, etc. I certainly thought it was a leg issue - but it is a back issue. Gabapentin has helped a lot, as has limiting the length of her walks/time spent standing. Best of luck.
  2. Oh gosh... you get Ginny through her issue and get hit with this. 😕 My dog and I were lucky... dealt with a hemangiosarcoma but it was attatched to her spleen. Vet said 90% (if I recall correctly) of the time those are malignant but in her case it was benign - and able to be removed. When she trotted out after surgery I noticed how pink her tongue was once it was removed and her blood was not being diverted through the mass. Here’s hoping for some good news, but you will make the right call - whatever it is. Good thoughts heading your way.
  3. I've had my chronic hook girl for a year now. Still have hook... been using Advantage Multi monthly and Panacur every 3 weeks. (Of course on occasion the dates coincide... I gave both once and won't don it again. I think the combo poisoned her - and one of my other dogs that has picked up hook from her. Both vomited and my grey (who vomited twice) has never vomited before, my other dog does on occasion but he did also. So although some things say to do Advantage and Panacur/Drontal together, I won't do that again. Anyway, I tried DE as had heard it worked. I gave it up after a month or so as I didn't see any change and hated to keep giving it to my girl. I don't know if it was rough on her GI tract or not, she didn't show any problems with it, but since she still clearly had hooks in spite of giving it to her daily for a month I gave up. Good luck. It's frustrating.
  4. Batterseabrindl and greysmom - thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I did smaller meals more often Fri/Sat, she has been fine, but I can’t really manage that during my Mon-Thurs work week. So, this morning I gave her a regular amount to see what would happen, and she seemed fine. Well, coughed a piece out of her throat but that’s pretty normal for her. And probably a symptom of whatever the problem is. She doesn’t eat very fast or drink a lot at one time, so I think this is more health-related than behavioral. My vet, who is phenomenal, (only took years to find her!) wasn’t too worried about the grain-free food, but we didn’t really discuss that in relation to her choking/coughing/regurgitation. It was our first visit with the new vet so there was a lot to cover. We didn’t focus too much on any one thing. I have to take my other grey for shots in a few weeks and will talk to her again. If things get worse we will get in sooner - but she seems to be doing ok again. And, yes, there are two very good specialty clinics nearby so we will go there if necessary. She has seen the neuro at one of them, so it wouldn’t be a new thing for us. I’m off to look up symptoms of laryngeal paralysis and nutritional dilated cardiomyopathy, while holding out hope it’s just reflux. Thanks again. 😊
  5. Thanks for coming out of lurking mode to comment. I think if I’d lurked here before I got a greyhound I might never have gotten one! But, tons of us have had multiple hounds. (I’m on #’s 2 and 3 currently. Having narrowly avoided a #4 multiple times.) So, despite some of the issues they are amazing dogs... IMHO. 😉 Sorry about your pup. Bulldog to greyhound? Wow. What a difference! Best of luck on your upcoming adoption. 😊
  6. My dogs have asked if they can move in with you because they think the food sounds delicious! 😋 (My first grey had osteo so pretty much all carbs came out of his diet and I’ve just stayed that course - but what you feed yours sounds amazing.)
  7. That seems like a huge amount of food. Gotta agree with you there.... I’ve never given my greys anywhere near that much when they were on rice and chicken for a time. Curious if the Olewo carrots would help. Hope Lucy is feeling better by now.
  8. Hey Frank - says you are new - so welcome! 😊 And thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds similar and I hadn’t thought of a hernia - but glad to hear there may be a med to help. I did giver her Pepcid (famotidine) before dinner and that stayed down so hope that works. 🤞
  9. Re: TPLO repair for ACL. My 13 yo terrier had it about 6 months ago. Xrays didn’t show it. My regular vet couldn’t diagnose it/feel the tear. Ortho surgeon said “well that took literally 2 seconds to diagnose.” Fully torn. My terrier is difficult to handle so I couldn’t do any PT after the surgery with him - but after a few ups and downs on the road to recovery you wouldn’t be able to tell which leg it was. And he is back to running with my greys. (We don’t tell him they are only trotting when he is running full out. )
  10. Famotadine is Pepcid, which is similar, and is safe for dogs. I have two on it currently and have used in the past. 10mg is dose I’ve used - but only found 20mg today so I just broke the tablets in half. Best of luck.
  11. Hi all - I'd like your thoughts. I know there is a lot of wisdom and experience on this site. Short version.... Brin is an 11 yo F grey, I've had her for nearly 6 yrs. Been quite healthy except for nerve pain in her back - so she has been on Gabapentin 100mg am, 300mg pm for past year. (Also has been on a fish oil supplement and Cosequin-DS the entire time i've had her.) *Started regurgitating water consistently about a year ago - vet warned food could soon follow so to get it under control quickly. I had been using a 15" elevated feeder/water dish, but 1 yr ago got a 20" elevated feeder/water dish. Problem solved for about a year. *Recently - several episodes of regurgitating water (but no where near as consistently as a year ago... at least not yet), lots of gurgling when drinking, more burping than usual, more gas than usual. My pretty obvious conclusion - seems she is swallowing a lot of air when drinking. *This morning - regurgitated all her breakfast (I think... didn't see it happen but I believe regurgitation rather than vomiting) within about 5 minutes of eating. There were three piles, whereas with water it is only once and immediately after drinking - as in within a foot of the water dish. I feed dry kibble (Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream) with a bit of water. (Same food entire time I've had her.) She had been begging for breakfast so seemed to be feeling well and was hungry. *I gave her 20 or so pieces of dry kibble a few hours later and she did fine. A treat or two. Fine. A tiny bit more dry kibble a few hours later. Fine. So, what's the diagnosis? Gastric reflux? I started her on famotadine this afternoon. I put her on it a year back also. I think it helped. I'm guessing reflux or megaesophagus. Hoping just reflux, because with her back I can't keep her standing or upright for an hour after eating if it is megaesophagus, her back won't take that. I'm getting ready to feed her dinner. Will give her less than usual and without the water. If it comes up, we will see the vet tomorrow. But, I know there is much knowledge on this site so I'm wondering what your thoughts and experiences are. Thanks in advance!
  12. Sorry for delay... I don’t drop in here too often. 1 very slightly rounded teaspoonful each meal - so morning and night. Mixed in with his kibble and a little bit of water.
  13. I got mine at Trader Joe’s. No additives, etc. One of my dogs was on it his whole life.
  14. I rarely leave my hotel room for my first few days there too. And I love it there! I get mild altitude sickness for a few days above 7000 ft and I believe dogs are susceptible also. Hoping for the best.
  15. Interesting. I guess it will show up eventually. She has several wonky nails so I wonder if this has happened to her before. I’ve only had her for 6 months. Thx for the info!
  16. Late to comment, but my girl did this about 3 months ago. Completely gone and a bloody mess - so vet started her on 10 days of antibiotics to avoid any infection since there was an open wound on her toe, which is on the ground and dirty and all that. 3 months later still no sign of a nail but the vet said to watch her toe. If it becomes swollen or inflamed to get her in as she will need more antibiotics. And he said he can see the nail in there but it has yet to grow out at all.
  17. As a puppy my terrier would not allow you to touch his feet. After many years I can touch and sort of massage/play with his feet - but nail trims are excruciating and require a muzzle. So, basically desensitization to having his feet touched did not generalize to having his nails trimmed. My vet said she has a dog that has to be sedated with a fast acting anesthesia, which can be reversed once the procedure is done. My terrier had to have that done for some X-rays a few weeks back. He came out of it just fine, but that would be an expensive option for the frequency of nail trims. They are not intubated with this type anesthesia. I wish I had the name for you, but I don’t. But it isn’t just a benzodiazepine, it’s much heavier duty.
  18. Oh dear... you mean we could have another year of this? 😫
  19. Oh gosh. That all happened way too fast. I’m so sorry...
  20. Thanks so much for posting this!! We are one of the lucky ones dealing with this...
  21. Gosh I hope things are better. I had the extravasation experience and it was horrible. “Luckily” it was on a front leg - and it had been a rear amp - because my poor guy was on two right legs for a while. What a fighter he was. We got through it but it was a long, long recovery. Much worse than the amp. I too consulted with Dr Couto and there was no doubt. The pain was extreme for my guy so I’m hoping you are dealing with something else. (And, given my experience, shame on the oncologist for not taking this seriously. It was carbo that caused the problems for my guy.)
  22. My terrier mix was diagnosed yesterday. 8 week recovery of walks only to potty and total rest/crated otherwise. Full recovery not for 6 months or so, but 8 weeks to begin to recover which means to get scar tissue to really start forming.
  23. Hi! Thanks for asking. I’ve been meaning to stop in and give a pup-date. My Brin is doing so well! It’s rather amazing to tell you the truth. She is running and doing zoomies with her 5 yr old greyhound sister. And correcting the younger one when she gets too sassy. She doesn’t have much stamina yet, as in a walk of about 15 minutes is enough for her, but the transformation is unbelievable. I’d forgotten how energetic she was back in the day as I think her decline was slow and insidious and I attributed it to age, not a correctable problem, until she began limping badly. Interestingly, I have an 11 yr old terrier mix (who is having leg and hip X-rays tomorrow) who we tried on gabapentin with absolutely no effect. The only thing I’m still fine-tuning is Brin’s dose. She is 65 lbs and 300mg morning and night seems to be the sweet spot - pain relief but not too much fatigue. Although it might end up that 200mg am and 300mg pm will be best. They suggested every 8 hours but that just doesn’t work with my schedule. Again, thx for checking in! 😊
  24. Amazon? eBay? I looked and chewy.com doesn’t ship there.
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