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  1. Have you seen a GI specialist? Or internal medicine specialist? That’s what I’d be doing. You may have - given the number of tests that have already been done. I saw a neurologist yesterday and it looks like he picked something up in my hound that my regular vet, who sees lots of greyhounds, missed. So, I’m all about specialists when necessary. Only other thought... because I’m a behaviorist... did anything change in her environment? Could it be any type of stress reaction? Is there anything different in her world now than there was during the 3 months she was doing well? Hope she gets to feeling better soon. Poor little thing. Sounds miserable. For both of you.
  2. Good news so far!! I liked the neurologist... he was very attentive to my girl. Way to get off to a good start with both of us. 😉 He suspects she is experiencing nerve weakness, possible nerve degeneration, not spine problems or LS stenosis. He said the X-rays that my vet took look really good. He would do a CT, maybe move to an MRI if necessary - but can generally see what he needs to on CT, and probably do a nerve conduction test at the same time. But, he was fine with taking a very conservative approach and trying Gabapentin for a few days to see what happens. If it is nerve weakness she should have fast results with the Gabapentin. If no improvement we can move to doing the CT. He also said we really haven’t pursued much in the way of meds and there lots of drug options, and epidurals, we can think about without having to think about surgery if there is something more going on. Carprofen shouldn’t have helped/be helping if it is nerve weakness, and it did help the initial limping, so that’s an indication against nerve weakness, but he still suspects that. Even the knuckling he said can be nerve weakness, not necessarily spinal cord problems. So, yay! So... Gabapentin and go from there. (I have seen some discussion on here about Gabapentin, I admit I haven’t read it, but I’ve had a prior hound who had an amp due to osteo on it with no difficulties - so I’m not concerned.) He is starting her on 300mg every 8 hours and decrease by 100 if it is too sedating. Again, he thinks I should see change within 2-3 days if that is it. Whew!
  3. I thought it was an hour to the closest one but just found one near me. That vet is known for being pricey anyway, so... yikes! They also have the cold laser and do stem cell so more advanced/cutting edge than most vets near me. Sounds like it is worth a try. Thx.
  4. Looks like you are correct. She shows up at Ironwood Vet Clinic on veterinarians.com but when I go straight to ironwoodveterinaryclinic.com she is not there. I would assume it is more current. Thanks so much for your input here. You, @cleptogrey , and others have really helped me think about how I need to approach this tomorrow - and I feel pretty grounded and prepared going in at this point. Of course, I could dissolve in a puddle of tears in the morning and lose my brain, but hopefully not. (The poor neuro I saw with my dachshunds - first time I saw him, when he came back in room with the bad news after the scan, I could only shake my head to say go ahead with surgery, couldn’t even talk.)
  5. I don’t see one listed, but there are two vets who specialize in radiology so there must be... although likely not board certified since not mentioned on website. Yikes. I’ll confirm they know about greyhounds. It’s a large specialty vet so I’d hope so. Thanks for the good thoughts tomorrow.
  6. To be honest I was so upset when I took her in I didn’t retain all of what he told me. I thought sure I was heading for an osteo diagnosis and was distraught. I believe he did back and back legs. He sent them to neuro I see tomorrow so I will clarify. Thx.
  7. I didn’t realize she was/is in AZ. Found her... she is a (boring) 4 hour drive away in Yuma, but if tomorrow does not bring answers it would be worth the trip. And I’m glad you mentioned her as I wanted to take her info on lumbosacral stenosis with me and didn’t have that printed off yet. She suggests a type of injection I’d certainly give a try. I think my vet here would do it - he is very greyhound savvy and mentioned LS - but if not she isn’t that far. Thank you!
  8. @Rickiesmom thx for sharing your story. Hope your girl is doing better now. Your story makes me more confident that I need to proceed with some type of scan tomorrow to pinpoint the issue so we can determine the best course of treatment. You also mentioned knowing your neuro was very, very good. The neuro I used before is excellent, but I moved about 8 hours away and, while my vet says this one is very good and his credentials look good, I have complete confidence in the one I used previously and I haven’t met this guy yet. That has me a bit uneasy too. I might consult with my prior neuro after whatever scan if necessary. I’d make the 8 hr drive but if he did surgery the drive back would be too hard for her so I think going to him isn’t an option. So much to think about. Hopefully I’ll know more tomorrow. @cleptogrey I used adequan injections before on one of my dogs and found they helped her some, but only while receiving them very frequently so we discontinued after a while - but I thought of that option also. Glad to hear of your success. (In fact, I have already recruited friends to do the injections if necessary - because I don’t give shots and my vet is an hour away. So I’m ready if that is a suggestion.) As for cancer - when I took her to the vet initially I said I’d be ok with anything but an osteo diagnosis. Been down that path, but I strongly suspected that and had my plan figured out in my head. (Cried all the way to the vet, in fact, I was so sure that was the diagnosis.) I don’t think it’s that at this time because she seems a bit better, and certainly not worse, in the past three months. Fingers crossed. (As for water therapy I said to a fellow hound owner about a month ago that we needed to open one where we live - which is an hour away from any type of acupuncture, water therapy, etc. Kidding of course as I have no background in veterinary anything, but would be nice to have something closer.) @Remolacha Thx. I wish there were alternative treatments closer to me yet I will look into it. Neuro tomorrow and then figure out the next steps I guess.
  9. Thx. You nailed my thoughts in your first sentence - but they hadn’t quite become that organized in my mind yet. And I do think there are other non-surgical options but my vet, who is the rescues vet and sees a lot of greyhounds, was clear on wanting me to see neuro. He may suspect something he hasn’t told me about yet. I also didn’t mention when you flip her right rear paw upside down she is slow to right it and I believe that indicates spinal problems, usually not minor ones.
  10. Sorry... left out that minor detail. Yes, and they looked ok.
  11. Wondering if anyone has done back surgery on on older greyhound? I’ve done three in the past on younger dachshunds, but am not sure what to do for my older hound should that be the recommendation on Monday. My beautiful 9 yo greyhound started limping and favoring (sometimes not using) her back right leg approximately three months ago. The vet did an exam and it’s her back, lower back. He put her on carprofen and she did better, in fact no more limping - but she took a bad fall (lots of scrapes and blood - one wound still healing) and stumbled another time, and that can be a side effect of carprofen so I stopped it after about 7 weeks. We saw the vet again a week later and he said to take her off of it because it didn’t seem as though it made much difference in her pain during exam although he thought the fall was a result of her back problem not the carprofen. But, he wanted us to see a neurosurgeon for an MRI or myelogram to “make sure we aren’t missing anything.” (Like a spinal tumor which one of his dogs had.) So, with my dachshunds they went from myelogram straight into surgery, but one wasn’t able to walk and the others were having difficulty. They clearly needed surgery ASAP. And, they were younger. I’m concerned I may be asked if I want to go to surgery Monday depending on results of whatever type of scan. And, I’m just not sure about surgery given she has some discomfort but she is walking (odd gait though), no longer holding her right leg up, eating, pooping (although in an odd position), and doing pretty well. I still give her carprofen about once a day, not twice anymore. No gabapentin or tramadol - yet. So, has anyone done a spine surgery on a greyhound? Advice? Results? If I decide against surgery - is there any point in an expensive scan that she will have to be anesthetized for? I’m just not sure what to do for my beautiful brindle girl. Our appointment is Monday. Thx.
  12. My grey had some similar symptoms- lameness in back legs, sometimes not using one back leg, sometimes I couldnt tell which leg seemed to hurt, but also trembling. Spine issue. Also not flipping back foot back to the correct position quickly - a sure sign of a spinal cord issue. I have had dachshunds with back problems and when the vet turned my greys foot upside down and she didnt immediately flip it over I knew that was a bad sign and also knew the problem. Shes on carprophen now (for 2 weeks) - definitely helping some but think we will try something different as I think she could get more improvement. Curious... why was she anesthetized? They did my greys back x-rays with no anesthesia. I hope you are seeing a vet that knows greyhounds. I agree it sounds like they may be chasing the wrong thing. Hope your hound gets to feeling better very soon. Edited to add: My hound didnt whimper either during the exam, but when the vet put pressure on her spine she started trembling from the pain. She will also lick her lip when in pain. I had another grey that did that also... only pain signal during the exam was him licking his lip - and he had osteosarcoma. Stoic dogs.
  13. I have a grey dealing with chronic hookworms currently also. We are doing the first of four 3-day stints currently, tomorrow is day 3. The Panacur makes my girl itch terribly, but she isn’t showing any signs of pain. I had a grey snap at me once to warn me of his pain. He had a major problem developing but it wasn’t visible yet. When I touched that area and he snapped he was telling me of his pain. (Side effect of poor chemo infusion - nothing for you to be concerned about.) I would think about where you touched him when he snapped as that area probably hurts. Agree with greysmom to read the hookworm thread. It’s a hassle to treat. I also suspect he needs to visit the vet. He seems to feel worse than typical for a dog with hookworms. I say this not only from experience with my own hound, but also from experience bathing the greys arriving here off the track, almost all have hookworms and none have snapped as we bathed them. Best of luck.
  14. I am wondering how to have my greyhounds not get so excited upon my return from work at the end of the day. I have two greys, and had one previously. With my angel grey Duke, the neighbors said they always knew when I got home and my garage door went up because he would start howling. He would dance and spin a bit when I came in, completely tolerable, he was a happy guy. Fast forward several years to a few months ago when I had only one grey, Brin. I come home at lunch and let the dogs out and then go back to work. Coming home at lunch things were calm. After work she would bark a bit and dance - but nothing too extreme. Add greyhound number two, Amaya, a month ago. Initially Amaya was calm when I got home - both at lunch and after work. But she has picked up on Brins antics and has joined in the barking, dancing, jumping, and spinning fun when I get home after work. And Amaya joining in has caused Brin to up her game. 😬 And I have not mentioned my terrier mix who now, since the other two are so excited, has also decided to join the fun. 🙄 (I seriously will not wear shoes with any type of heel because I do get bumped into. Nothing aggressive - just too much excitement.) So, given all 3 of my greyhounds have gotten pretty excited upon my return - is this just a greyhound thing? My question - how can I calm things down upon my return in the evening? I come in very calmly. No big celebration. I let the pups out and then feed them dinner. Hmm... maybe that is the problem. Maybe I should delay dinner for a while? Maybe they are excited about dinner? And here I thought it was because they knew I was home for the day. 😉 Honestly I want to feed them and relax but delaying dinner may be worth a try. I can not understand why else they are reasonably calm at lunch but not after work. 🤔 I am open to any thoughts or suggestions. If things continue to escalate I am afraid someone is going to get hurt in the celebration, be it a dog or me. I obviously do not want that to happen. Thx in advance.
  15. Oh my goodness. How completely frightening! Hoping Milo heals very quickly.
  16. All 3 of my greys have barked - but mostly only with excitement when I walk in the door. Not even to the coyotes howling very close by. I went for long (8 miles) walks/jogs with my first grey and also have since wondered if I pushed him too hard - but he never seemed to be struggling so I think he was fine. My current ones let me know when they are about done. I’d say they are good for only about 2 miles. One is 9 and one 5. I believe galagos are bred more for endurance, whereas greys are sprinters, so that might be a breed to consider also. Good luck with your decision. (-:
  17. I used diamondbackdrugs.com for my hounds chemo. Best price I could find back then.
  18. Hi Bizeebee - I’ve had her a month now. She wasn’t having issues previously. But I did think about the fact that I mixed the Panacur in about 1T plain pumpkin, then mixed all that in her food, so it could have been the pumpkin I suppose - though I doubt it. I just gave her a touch of pumpkin to test that theory. Fingers crossed she doesn’t have a problem with it. Although I suppose the best thing will be if she does because then it wouldn’t have been the Panacur, and she could take it - which would be excellent. Twisted logic. I skimmed the hookworm thread but will read it more thoroughly. Thx.
  19. Thanks for your replies Time4ANap and macoduck. And for your time searching and cross-posting! I found one post “miserable while deworming” on this site that sounded similar. I finally gave her two more Benadryl at 11 am and that seemed to help a lot. (So total of 4 Benadryl.) I am doing as you suggest and holding off on administering any more until I hear from the vet, hopefully Monday. She was so miserable it was sad and unnerving. I hope we can do something different - but I’m kind of betting it will be Panacur and lots of Benadryl.
  20. My angel hound, who had osteosarcoma, was on a very high protein/no carb diet to avoid “feeding” the cancer. Unfortunately, he eventually developed kidney issues and those became higher priority so he was switched to a very low protein diet. Follow your vets advice, obviously, but keep the hope as there are diets which can help the kidney values and function and prolong a good quality of life for your hound for some time.
  21. Yes, my new grey from Birmingham has hookworms. I am following the vets protocol for chronic hookworm because they returned after the initial treatment. That is not my question - but it is relevant because we have a lot of Panacur doses ahead of us in the coming months. My problem involves the Panacur causing extreme itching (a known side effect) in my hound. She was up all night licking and biting herself. I finally gave her a Benadryl at 1 am, and then another this morning at 7 am. Those have seemed to help for a while. Does anyone have experience with this side effect and any advice? I have contacted the rescue and they have contacted the vet to see what they suggest - but in the meantime I thought I would see if anyone else has had the problem and has any suggestions. Thx.
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