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  1. I’m thinking of trying PRP for Gabe’s arthritis. He has a pinched nerve around the hinge of his spine which has caused sever abdominal seizures. He also has bad arthritis affecting all joints, including a major loss of cartilage and muscle in his shoulders and hips. He still does well on Gabapentin and Meloxicam for the most part, but I’m looking for a more long term solution, and more solutions as he gets older as I know it will only get worse. His quality of life is still great at this point, he loves his walks and insists they be at least two hours a day. But I can see he is in pain. (More dramatic pain if he doesn’t move around as much, so walks seem to do him good). I also use the back on track wraps and they worked wonders for him, but now the effectiveness seems less and less. No doubt because of the scar tissue that is forming as his arthritis gets worse. He’s on cbd, and all the omega and glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin supplements with bromelian and boswelia. If I can trick him into eating devil’s claw I will try that as well. Laser therapy does not seem to do anything, and cartophen started to make him sick. Too many meds in general make him sick which makes his arthritis flare up.
  2. Also! My dog became aggressive on leash when he finally decided I was HIS mom. We stayed away from meeting new dogs, and he continued to play well with friends. Having another grey stay with us for the weekend, he was craving other dog love. So almost instantly that phase passed. However. Im always careful when I let him meet new dogs on lead. Now Im walks, if he reacts negatively to any other dog, I cover his eyes and make him stay behind me, showing him that its not ok behaviour, and then he doesnt get to say hi to any other dogs on that walk. Its worked well for us.
  3. My dog is very vocal. He loves to chase the dogs, and then win by I would almost say herding them. So! When I take him to a park, I make sure that I speak to the other dog owners first. I tell them he loves to chase, and he is vocal. I also say that I understand your dog may take it the wrong way as greyhounds are not easily understood by other dogs, but ensure them its just his racing noises. I ask them if theyre comfortable with that first, and ensure that them if their dog seems uncomfortable I will grab him right away so theres no fracas. The results are always great! Either I get No, worries, my dog loves being chased, hes good at telling him off if he feels he needs to (vocally not biting)! And rarely I get My dog is a little nervous, or aggressive himself so I tell them its all good, and we can come another time. This helps in two ways, it creates a dialogue, and an agreement that we are both responsible for whatever happens (so they dont report the dog), and it also helps us both keep a close eye on them for any signs of aggressive behaviour so we can step in. I hope that helps!
  4. Canna-nine is an amazing oil. Best value for money by far, and has amazing!!! Results. It can be used to treat anxiety, arthritis, and severe pain. One of our girls got bone cancer, and the decline was rapid. We tried all of the medicines for pain, and none had ANY effect. The CBD was the last ditch effort to keep her comfortable, and it did!!!! Instantly after her first dose, she was happy, up and playing, eating well, and just a completely different dog. After a week, she was ready to go, but she went after spending another afternoon in the park, with all her human kid friends, who petted her while she lied in the sunny grass and at popcorn. If thats not a good enough reason to try it out on yours, for whatever issues you want to treat, then I dont know what would be. When you do it, introduce it slowly and gradually. If the instructions say two full droppers, start with one or two drops in the food, and monitor them to see how they react. Even without the THC my dog gets wonky if he has too much, remember, CBD still has effects on the body (or else why use it?). If your dog seems to tolerate the few drops, next time add a bit more, until you reach your desired amount. The best way to do it is by adding it to their food once a day, and if youre using it for arthritis or anxiety, it should be given everyday. If your dog has a bout of severe anxiety (fireworks etc) and you know how they tolerate it by how youve introduced, you can use a bigger dose, and put it on their front paw to calm them as the lick it off. Thats my two cents! I hope it helps
  5. Hi there, a friend on him who trains and races Olympic endurance horses. First of all I would like to say, weve spent a great sum of money on trying to get Gable Warjab comfortable. He gets what I call an episode every three months which requires us to go to the vet. Hes sensitive to medications, so weve taken him off all of them (except the Gabapentin for his nerve pain which causes sever muscle spasms occasionally). With natural products, he has improved sooooooo much!!!! Ive learned so much! My friend being around enlightened me. She says Gabe is exactly like a horse! From the way he behaves, to the way their body is similar and this has similar problems. Since then its been such a breakthrough. Ive found a vet who works with animal athletes and have found that Im having the best success with using methods Ive found looking F race horses, and agility dogs! Its hard to find, and then convince a vet that Gabe is NOT a dog, he doesnt act like one, he cant be retrained like one (and frankly is too smart and well mannered already) and that his physiology is different than a bulldog, lab, chihuahua etc. At least where we live. So now to my point! We have just ordered leg wraps, hock wraps, a mat, and the mesh jacket for Gabe-0. They say the products need to be introduced slowly, with every product having a different introduction schedule, and then there are also rest periods. Im waiting for the back on track team to consult with me. In the meantime, has anyone else used these products? If so, if you have any insights, and tips or tricks, or just any advice at all I would love to hear from you!! If you had any other natural methods Id love to hear them too! The drugs made his situation worse!!!!! By A LOT.... weve taken him off them since mid-November, and the improvement is already night and day!!!! Additional Gab-0 info 7yr old male. Raced 177 times until he broke his back right leg at 5. Has arthritis in all joint on all four legs, as well as hips. Outside track legs are much worse then the inside track ones. And the hip on that side seems quite bad, which affects his front left shoulder as well. He seems to have possible a slipped disc issues right around where the spine hinges, which creates a pinched nerve that causes severe muscle spasms in his adomen. Which then causes diarrhea. Sometimes when he is in pain he also gets diarrhea (which I call stress poops 🤣). I love you all and I appreciate any advice, just please be respectful and non-judgemental. If you dont agree with my natural approach, just skip commenting. I promise we have already tried all proven greyhound methods, and they have not worked.
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